Editorial: Let the committees run the country

POSTED: 10/28/11 11:44 AM

Every democracy gives its citizens an opportunity every so often to elect a group of people from among them to lead the nation. In our dualistic system the direct representation is provided by Parliament and Ministers daily seek out the best policies, laws and financing to keep the country going and growing.
If we look at the above criteria we conclude that the agreement by the Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto and Dutch state secretary of taxation Frans Weekers to form a petit committee is and escape from the responsibility that the minister has. It also proves yet again that there is not incentive on either side of the Atlantic for politicians to make decisions. Rather the incentive just enough to install yet another committee to present yet another report.
The cement that holds our charge of lack of interest in doing something together is the fact that there are already reports on Winair, its division and how it should operate and there are already reports on the division and operations of GEBE. What more do the government’s need?
Now maybe because the government of the day, or at least several of the ministers, is so good at forming local, bilateral and multilateral committees they should appoint a committee to replace them and kindly leave office.

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