Opinion: Towards Suriname

POSTED: 10/25/11 3:17 PM

In Curacao there is a dispute about the instruction Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe did or did not give to Attorney General Dick Piar to investigate who gave confidential information to the Rosenmöller Committee.
The opposition is having a ball with this question, while the rest of the world is basically appalled at the thought that the Minister would even think about doing something like this.

But hey, this is Curacao – or, as we say in St. Maarten these days: that other island – and the government in Willemstad has everything under control. Or so they say.

Wilsoe says now that he did not instruct Piar, he put in a request. The result is the same: it installs fear.

The Rosenmöller committee is a legitimate committee that did a legitimate investigation in Curacao. The people Rosenmöller and Cees Maas talked to had therefore every reason to believe that they were doing their country a service with their cooperation.

Now Wilsoe has turned the tables on these good citizens. The request to investigate Rosenmöller’s sources is a frightening step of a government that lost its way early on during its four-year mandate.

On the Friendly Island we look with disbelief at the speed with which the situation on that other island deteriorates. How much worse will it get?

In Amigoe columnist Rene van Nie wrote that Curacao is slipping further and further into the disastrous direction of Suriname; that entrepreneurs want to take their money out of the island because they fear the future; that the press is being intimidated. And on and on.

So indeed, how much worse will it get? And more importantly: how will this affect St. Maarten? We have our own integrity issues, but they are small potatoes compared to the havoc the Schotte-government is creating in Willemstad. It’s something to be grateful for, but it is at the same time a reason for concern. If the Central Bank falls because of the shenanigans in Curacao, St. Maarten too will have a price to pay.

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