Antilliaans Dagblad reveals new link between Schotte and Baetsen

POSTED: 10/19/11 7:04 PM

WILLEMSTAD – The plot thickens in Curacao, after a memo from the security service was leaked to the media. The Antilliaans Dagblad reported an interesting detail that suggests links between Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and the Atlantis World Group in St. Maarten.
The memo states that Schotte received 2 million guilders from Robbie’s lottery-owner Robbie dos Santos to buy a large plot of land in Playa Abou when he was Commissioner of Tourism. The Antilliaans Dagblad wrote that this terrain is probably located near Grote Knip, where Dos Santos also has a real estate project.
The memo states that Dos Santos owns the project but that it is registered under the name of one of his companies. The deed was passed at the notary office of Hu-Ang.
The newspaper did research at the Chamber of Commerce and found that the director of this company, Playa Abou Holding, is Rudolf Baetsen, the Chief Financial Officer of the Atlantis World Group in St. Maarten – and, the newspaper notes – (Francesco) Corallo’s financial man who had to become the chairman of the board of the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten.
The memo also notes that Schotte has ties with Corallo. Baetsen was nominated to the function at the Central Bank by Prime Minister Schotte earlier this year. The controversy that followed the nomination forced Baetsen to withdraw his candidacy. In a letter to Schotte dated March 31, 2011, Baetsen wrote that he was honored to be nominated. “I immediately resigned from my positions when I was informed about the nomination. Due to the controversy the announcement of my nomination caused, I believe it is in the best interest of our country that I respectfully decline your appointment.”

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