Mark Rutte: royal visit will go through

POSTED: 10/14/11 12:38 PM

THE HAGUE – The royal visit to the former Netherlands Antilles and Aruba will go through, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said yesterday. “She is the queen, also of Curacao. If there is political tension there, we’ll have to work with that. She has a lot of experience with these situations and there are people available to support her. If we cancel the visit we ought to send her immediately to Germany the moment we have political tension in The Hague.”
Socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak asked the Prime Minister to reconsider the royal visit from October 28 until November 6 because of the tensions in Curacao. “There is an exceptional situation at the moment. There is a large battle going on between the governments of the Netherlands and Curacao and the Netherlands will within short possibly intervene under the guarantee function. If that were to happen it would be very unfortunate if it coincides with the Queen’s visit. Is the Prime Minister not prepared to look at this in a more pragmatic way and say: if the tensions are so high is this then the right moment for a visit.” But Rutte did not feel like doing this.
Van Raak also asked the Prime Minister about the meeting of the Kingdom Council of Ministers that became public via a report from Minister of Plenipotentiary Sheldry Osepa. Rutte gave the same answer as Kingdom Relations Minister Donner. “The minutes of the Kingdom Council of Ministers have not been leaked, because they are not available yet. What has been leaked is a report from the minister of plenipotentiary of Curacao. That he reports about the content of the talks in the Kingdom Council of Ministers to his cabinet is justified. It is annoying, serious, that this has become public, but it seems to have happened in Curacao. For this reason the Kingdom Council of Ministers has said that the competent authorities in Curacao ought to decide about an investigation into the violation of the confidentiality of the correspondence between the representative minister of plenipotentiary and his cabinet.”
Van Raak said that he finds it incomprehensible that the Prime Minister puts his confidence in such an investigation.

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