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POSTED: 10/7/11 2:09 PM

A discussion in Aruba on firing excess civil servants has given us pause. Maybe it’s time to take a team there to see where the surpluses are who we can attract to make the move north to St. Maarten.
Aruba’s Prime Minister Mike Eman confirms he needs to fire 1, 000 people, but he wants to be humane about it. We think it perfectly humane that some of them come here. We don’t need all 1, 000 but some can surely find a space here can’t they.
If we look at it objectively we’d see that Aruba is an ideal recruiting ground for a number of reasons, not least of all being that we’re in the same Kingdom and we have very similar, if the same types of systems. One other key advantage is that people coming from Aruba will no doubt come at a lower cost, because they’d recognize, that like their island, St. Maarten is an economy of scale and will never be able to offer them the same dollar (euro) value as the Netherlands in terms of compensation.
The kinship as Caribbean people should also not be left and when we look at it Aruba and St. Maarten enjoy family ties that will only be enhanced by having people from that country coming to work here.
Finally Aruba has 25 years of experience as an autonomous country and if people from there come here and actively use those experiences to inform policy choices St. Maarten will be onm stronger footing, much faster.
We think it can work, and so we say “Put it in gear.”

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