Boat and car parts collected from Pointe Blanche beach

POSTED: 10/6/11 1:05 PM

St. Maarten – Residents of Pointe Blanche spent three hours cleaning up their beach last Saturday as part of the Coastal Cleanup month organized by the St. Maarten Pride Foundation. Pointe Blanche resident and former Pride Foundation Vice President Alita Singh was the one who rallied residents for the early morning cleanup.

A total of 12 people made up of area residents, Pride members and volunteers participated in the cleanup that netted 115.6 kilos of trash in five large heavy duty trash bags. They found five vehicle tires and about 17 tire parts, car parts and boat and boat part related debris.
“The inventory from this cove shows a different snapshot of trash than that found on Mullet Bay Beach which was trash left behind by people,” Pride Foundation President Jadira Veen said.
The volunteers also found 114 pieces of rope of varying lengths, 84 pieces of unknown plastic 137 plastic beverage bottles and 54 pieces of various car parts. One metal car part even had some coral growing on it which points to it having been in the ocean for 30 or more year based on the rate of coral formation. Residents believe the trash was churned up by the recent tropical storms or washed up in the sargassum seaweed.

The final cleanup of this year’s Coastal Cleanup was done by students of the Caribbean International Academy on Monday. The data cards from that clean up and others carried out during September will be tallied by Pride volunteers and an inventory will be sent to Ocean Conservancy International. That organisation will chronicle the results from around the world and report on the state of the participating countries beaches, make recommendations to curb pollution and tackling behaviour change.

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