Postal services to be transferred October 9

POSTED: 09/26/11 7:12 PM

St. Maarten – New Post Netherlands Antilles is officially announcing its plans to transfer postal services to Postal Services St. Maarten with ads that will begin appearing on Monday. This announcement follows the signing of a transfer protocol between the company and the St. Maarten Communication Workers Union (SMCU) that has not been accepted by the Government of St. Maarten as a Shareholder in New Post Netherlands Antilles and as the sole owner of Postal Services St. Maarten.

The stated date for the transfer of the postal services is October 9, 2011. The transfer to Postal Services St. Maarten will only be for the postal services. New Post Netherlands Antilles will continue with the non-concession related activities like Moneygram and E-Zone services at a separate location that will be announced soon.

According to the ad New Post Netherlands Antilles continued offering the service for a transition period of one year despite losing the concession to deliver postal services when the Executive Council of the Island Territory of St. Maarten set up Postal Services St. Maarten on October 8, 2010. Country St. Maarten then took over the responsibility when the Netherlands Antilles ceased to exist on October 10, 2010.

“During the transition period of one year, the new concession holder should have made the necessary arrangements and prepared itself to effectively take over the responsibilities for the execution of postal services on St. Maarten. The transition period will conclude on October 9, 2011, on which date the transfer will be effectuated and NPNA will no longer be providing any concession related postal services on St. Maarten,” the ad states.

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