Heyliger wants to acquire UTS St. Maarten

POSTED: 08/7/11 8:42 PM

St. Maarten – Deputy Prime Minister Theodore Heyliger believes statements made in Curacao in reaction to a statement he made about United Telecommunications Services (UTS) should create impetus for the government here to acquire UTS St. Maarten. The minister laid out his position at the most recent Council of Ministers press briefing.

“I think it’s a very important fact, and it strengthens the position that we have said before, that if the Curacao politicians decide to state that any proposal that has anything to do with St. Maarten, can be voted down because they have the numbers, then it goes to show you that St. Maarten should once again push forward that instead of UTS looking at buying Telem, that actually UTS should come over to St. Maarten,” Heyliger said.

The deputy prime minister considers it very dangerous for the provision of telecommunications to be in the hands of the politicians in Curacao because it could lead to a reversal in the quality of products on offer or stagnation at the present level.

“This is something that we need to continue to monitor and continue to monitor the situation that we still don’t have board members on the board of UTS, although we own shares in the company and I think again we will it official now to ask UTS for the same services that it has provided to the schools in Curacao to be able to provide that in St. Maarten and I will make that official request to the Director of UTS and I hope to get an official response and I hope the St. Maarten schools are treated with the same respect like those in Curacao,” Heyliger said.

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