Reader’s Letter: How to love our ancestry and native St. Maarten people

POSTED: 07/28/11 12:28 PM

Dear Editor,

Be an active St. Maartener.

Actively demonstrate your love for your country St. Maarten by being part of its political process.

Continually strive for a better St. Maarten for all.

Study the history of St. Maarten. What are some of the great things people have done and how they showed their love of their country? What are some of the things people have done with good intentions but poor results? Learn from St. Maarten history — both the good times and the bad times.

Focus on current events. For example, focus on what is also going on in the world as a whole and how your country is involved in it as well.

Read stories, and patriotic legends of St. Maarten. You will be amazed with such the creativity and imagination of those who wrote or thought up them.

Have a hero. Someone who represents your country and is a good role model for you will make you proud to be where you call home.

Wear patriotic colors. Nothing shows you love your country more than showing it through clothing or accessories!

Fly a flag. You can purchase flags, bumper stickers, or any other emblems at a local store. Hang them on your car, your front lawn, or anywhere that can outwardly show you respect your country St. Maarten. Remember to treat the flag with the utmost respect.

Recognize that holidays are much more than just occasions for parties. Acknowledge the solemnity inherent to certain holidays, especially those that commemorate a victory that involved bloodshed (Emancipation day).

Encourage children to love St. Maarten so they will have respect someday as a St. Maartener. This is the best way to set a positive example. As children grow older, explain to them why you feel they should hold St. Maarten in high regard. Encourage your children to use their minds.

Abusing St. Maarten or taking advantage of any of its systems or programs is not a good way to show your love. Such corrupt action goes against the goodwill that should be at the core of your patriotism. You certainly do not have to agree with every event and decision made in your St. Maarten history to love your country. Consider how St. Maarten should recover from mistakes, as well as its ideology as described in some guiding document (such as a constitution). Although such principles are not absolute, reflect on whether these precepts are conducive to a government you think would act with its citizens — and humanity’s — best interests at heart.

For people to believe you love St. Maarten, make sure you know the verses to your national anthem, have some trivial knowledge of founding fathers (Native St. Maarten people), St. Maarten Heritage and culture and history, current events, and cultural heroes. But remember to be a true patriot, you must remember who was there from the beginning and recognize them. Always show great respect for people of St. Maarten heritage. Stand up and demand change when your government is not doing what they promise to do. Remember you are a St. Maartener before any loyalty to any political party. Make all people that come here and born here love and respect people of St. Maarten heritage if they will like to be consider as a St. Maartener. Do not be fool; any person who does not like or want St. Maarten people to be recognized in the constitution does not love St. Maarten. You can never love a country or even its name if you do not love the original native people. To love St. Maarten is to accept who was here from the beginning, and that is how you love our country St. Maarten. We are St. Maarten to the bone. Living and loving being a native St. Maartener.

Yours truly

Miguel Arrindell

The Patriot


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