Editorial: A step in the right direction

POSTED: 07/27/11 1:30 PM

Monday’s ceremony where 82 recruits began a basic course to join one of several uniformed services that fall under the Ministry of Justice and the fact that there is great interest in the Netherlands to take up 20 postings here for three years is good news. Those kinds of numbers mean that the police and other uniformed groups will be able to meet their targets as set out in the plans of approach and that is good for a number of reasons.
It is good in the first place because it means our island can and will be able to meet their targets as have been agreed. That shows the partners in the Kingdom and the world that though St. Maarten is only 16 square miles she is serious about attracting the people who can keep her population and visitors safe and that will quickly respond when they are harmed. That will increase confidence in the island and could lead to economic growth.
The news is also good because it means that young people who previously wanted to serve their country now have the chance to do so and officers from the Netherlands have the chance to experience another place, another culture and another way of doing things. Those experiences can only aid in improving their performance at home. The mixture of locals and Dutch counterparts will also lead, no doubt, improved performance here.
These developments are a striking example of how the Ministry of Justice has taken a step in the right direction. More of those steps need to come though as a raft of other issues – Detention capacity – still need to be solved.

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