Bishop calls for new direction

POSTED: 07/27/11 1:21 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Bishop of the Diocese of Willemstad Luis Secco has called for a new direction in Curacao in his pastoral letter on the occasion of St. Anne’s Day. St. Anne is Curacao’s patron saint.
In his letter Secco expressed his concern about the division in Curacao and the decline in values. He also said he agreed with Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte’s call on Flag and Anthem Day – July 2 – for people to put an end to their divisions.
“Under these circumstances we, as members of the Catholic Church, must take responsibility for our community which is mostly Christian, and contribute to forming a new direction; a path of unity, brotherhood and mutual respect in the broadest sense of the word so as to bring integrity back into our society in its purest form,” Secco wrote in his letter.
The Bishop also presented the Church as a protector of human rights. He said these rights should be based on the Holy Spirit and should be protected against all forms of false autonomy. He’s also called for people to uphold the social doctrine which stresses human dignity, solidarity and the importance of the democratic system.
Beyond the lack of unity Secco says the parishes are concerned about the lack of respect for human dignity displayed by politicians, motorists, the media and employers. This lack of respect is reflected in the way people treat other and Secco believes it could lead to a lack of tolerance.
“We are concerned about the lack of dialogue and reconciliation in society, the lack of a guiding vision, lack of leaders who set an example for the community and an economy that suffers from the lack of trust. The population must now focus on new opportunities for its own development, promoting unity in diversity and issues that will improve the welfare of the community. There is an important role for every individual in this as we each ask ourselves how we can restore respect, how inequality and discrimination can be tackled and that the media can contribute to encouraging the formation of society,” Secco said.

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