Reader’s Letter: Trias Politica does not exist on St. Maarten

POSTED: 07/18/11 11:50 AM

Dear Editor,

During the last meeting of the Parliament of St. Maarten when the budget for the year 2011 was handled for the second time, we saw that the Members of Parliament who support the coalition government are nothing other than rubber stamps for the Council of Ministers of St. Maarten.
After having agreed to support the motions of the Members of Parliament of the National Alliance, the Members of Parliament who support the coalition government, apparently after being instructed by a member of the Council of Ministers to do so, withdrew their support for the motions that were brought forward by the National Alliance. If these members (UPP & DP parliamentarians) had some courage they would have stood up to the member of the Council of Ministers and did what was right for the public.
I am referring especially to the motion that relates to the fuel clause on the GEBE bills which could have brought relief for the public. Because of their actions we clearly see that the Trias Politica does not work on St. Maarten.
It is a pity that we don’t have men and women in parliament who can decide for themselves when the interest of the public is at stake.
I must add here that Parliamentarian De Weever surprised me very much because he comes across as someone who won’t let himself be led by others.
A very disappointed citizen,

Todd Peterson

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  1. George MacGee says:

    Excellent piece, Todd.

    I have seen it twice happen that MP De Weever was forced to ‘go along’ with motions he clearly did not support… for the sake of ‘keeping the peace’ in his DP party and in the coalition.

    Only time will tell how long he will keep his peace, especially when a time comes when he does not get what HE wants.

    He got what wanted when they appointed his nephew Minister. So for the time being, expect him to continue defering to MP Roy Marlin (and the coalition).

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