Curacao’s Parliament getting ready to approve new Penal Code

POSTED: 06/26/11 9:31 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Curacao’s Parliament has closed off discussions on a new Penal Code in the Central Committee and is moving to handle it in a general public meeting. Once Justice Minister Elmer “Kade” Wilsoe answers the written questions that will form part of the final report from the meeting, a date can be set for the general public meeting.

Reforming the Penal Code began in 2003 with the installation of a committee. That body presented its report with the new concept in 2006. In 2008 the draft was sent to the Council of Advice for handling. In 2010 it was sent to the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles, but that body decided to forward it to new countries – Curacao and St. Maarten. Those two legislatures have had presentations from Criminal Law Professor Hans den Doelder and the MPs in Curacao asked their final questions on Thursday.

The four speakers at the meeting asked questions about the criminalization of abortion and euthanasia, the articles on terrorism and its financing, travel bans and exclusion orders, the feasibility of community service under the supervision of the Probation Service, Provision (TBS) and the omission of minimum sentences in the revised version. One of the speakers – Pedro Atacho – was especially keen to have the Code approved because it also includes provisions on how to deal with young people who commit crimes, more rights for victims, the criminalization of trafficking and smuggling and special investigative methods.
“If Country Curacao is to keep up with the modern times and comply with the treaties that have been, then the Code needs to be approved. Otherwise we risk a negative image of Curacao and being placed on blacklists,” Atacho said.


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