Opinion: IQ-tests

POSTED: 06/21/11 1:23 PM

Submit students who get in trouble with the police to an IQ test. This is a serious recommendation by a Dutch council that advises the government about youth protection and the application of the penal code.

Is this something to consider for our Justice Minister? Correction – is this something to consider – period?

The premise of this advice seems to be that there is a correlation between low intelligence and criminal behavior. (If you don’t know what an IQ-test is you probably need one).

Let’s look at this from a different angle, and start by submitting all our politicians to an IQ-test and see if there is a correlation with the decisions they take. Once we have that out of the way, maybe we could do the same test with all kids in our schools – not to determine whether they are potential criminals, or to establish a link between low IQ and criminal behavior, but to determine if they might require special attention at school.

Not everybody is a rocket scientist, and that’s okay. The world certainly would not be a better place if we all were. But there are bright people, and there are people with slower function brains.

That does not mean that they will per definition become criminals. But chances that they do end up on the wrong side of the law exponentially increase if a society turns its back on these people instead of helping them in every way possible.

Used the proper way free IQ-tests for all don’t seem such a bad idea.


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