Reader’s Letter: Skills a prime minister should possess

POSTED: 06/14/11 12:27 PM

Dear Editor,

A prime minister is the most senior minister of a cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. In our system, the prime minister can select other members of the cabinet (council of ministers), and allocates posts to members within the government. In most systems, the prime minister is the presiding member and chairman of the cabinet. The prime minister chairs the weekly meetings of the council of ministers and he or she has the power to set the agenda of these meetings. The prime minister is also Minister of General Affairs (Minister van Algemene Zaken), which takes an important role in coordinating policy and is responsible for the Government Information Service (Dutch: Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst).

Skills that a prime minister should possess and expected to have are as follows:

1 A personality with overall National acceptance and charisma.

2 Ability to communicate convince and gain acceptance of most of the people.

3 Proven ability to deal with crisis.

4 A proven ability to mobilize the support of masses.

5 Ability to develop and express sound vision.

6 Good international exposure and network.

7 Non routine and a source of innovation.

8  Achieve an economic growth of at least 5 %.

9 Reduce both external and internal debts by 20% per year.

10   Optimize the subsidy system in order to release the financial pressure on the country resources (Tax break for small local business owners to stimulate job growth in the economy.)

A prime minister should have the vision to lead and institute plans to take the country out of economic disaster. A prime minister should be the prime example for the people of a country to promote nationalistic pride, and live and lead by example. The role of the prime minister is to make sure that the national security of the country is in a good state. (People of St. Maarten Heritage along with born here Dutch citizens of St. Maarten are a minority in country St. Maarten, which is a direct national security threat).

The Prime Minister is a head of government, chief executive, chief legislator and party leader. Therefore he or she must have the ability to institute legislation and ask parliament to make something a law. Any person that does not possess skills of what is stated above should not run for prime minister. It does not matter how many degrees they have. What he or she needs to be a prime minister is to possess lots of general knowledge and the ability to think effectively. Recently Sarah Wescot-Williams said drastic measures must be taken against our deteriorating crime problem in our country St. Maarten. A good prime minister will create a plan and say this is the drastic measures that will be taken. A good leader knows how to delegate and motivate people to get the plan executed well. So far St. Maarten has fail miserably in the art of leadership.

This message is for the people of St. Maarten to understand what the role and more importantly what skills our prime minister should have to be a good, effective, and successful leader. It is up to you to judge our Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams on these principles which was mention above.


Yours truly,

Miguel Arrindell


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