Reader’s Letter: Borders on Swindling!

POSTED: 05/30/11 12:10 PM

Dear Editor,

Some time ago the local Cable Television Company changed owners as was stated by management. The new owner made changes to the, over the years, established line up of channels. They removed three major stations namely, HBO, Showtime an Univision. They replaced these major stations with three mediocre stations.
I supposed by doing this they saved on their operational cost. That decision never took the opinion of the clients of which many have been with the company since its inception into consideration. Apparently they only looked at the interest of the company forgetting the opinion of the people i.e. the clients. Management should not forget that without the clientele there would be no cable company.
They never had the decency to reduce the fee that the client pays monthly because their lineup of channels became less attractive and it is not what the client signed off on. Their decision to replace three major stations with three mediocre stations and not reducing the monthly member fee, borders on swindling – giving someone less of a product than what he or she signed off on. Any reputable company should be ashamed of such action.
I expected a larger outcry by the clients of the company against the decision of the new owner. I believe that the clients have to show some “cojones” (courage) and tell management that they either bring back the three major stations namely HBO, Showtime and Univision or reduce the monthly payment. If management does not adhere to the wishes of the clients then all the clients of the company en masse should stop paying their monthly fee commencing on a certain date.
Such a message will tell this company and any other company not to take its clientele for granted.

A concern cable T.V. subscriber
Todd Peterson

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