Territorial Councilor says Collectivité acted inappropriately

POSTED: 05/26/11 12:31 PM

MARIGOT – Territorial Councilor Alain Richardson says the Collectivité did not follow proper procedure when it announced implementation of the new 150 euro fee for taxi drivers. He’s also stressed that measure is for all taxis operating on routes on the French side, not just drivers from the Dutch side.
“The way the government is operating bothers me. Generally the technicians meet with all parties concerned before any measure is implemented. The meeting is to explain the justifications of the measure. To prevent this situation from getting out of hand and create distrust what has not been done in the beginning of this exercise should be done now which will include the meeting with the different stake holders,” Richardson said.
Richardson favors the new measure, which was approved in the Territorial Council on February 19, 2010. He believes that it will create a better situation for the taxi drivers from the French side, but the announcement of the new policy has led to concerns from both the taxi and bus drivers.
“With all of the measures that the Collectivité has introduced since they took office there has always been the lack of good measures of implementation which is the same or similar to what is happening now. This shows there is not a healthy relationship” between the Collectivité and the partners which is regrettable since the main objective was to improve the service and proper facilities which will be placed at the disposal of the taxi and bus drivers. It is normal that there be financial contributions by the drivers since it is the taxpayers who are shouldering these responsibilities,” Richardson said.

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