Reader’s Letter: Heritage and born here is important

POSTED: 05/16/11 12:16 PM

Dear editor,

For the past week I have read articles and opinions from various people in St. Maarten about rights, heritage or born here. So I went online and located the constitution of Country St. Maarten to see what is stated in it. Article 43 sub 1 states that Dutch nationality is a prerequisite of eligibility for appointment as a minister, and candidates may not be excluded from the right to vote. Prerequisite means required or necessary as a prior condition. So in other words you must have Dutch nationality which can be obtained in many ways. It can be passed on from grandfather or grandmother and born in a Dutch territory, or you can be born here and born with Dutch rights or you can be born of foreign parents and then naturalized.
So it is a fact that those inherited Dutch rights and those born here are important. Only someone with ulterior motives will tell you born here or inheritance is not important. China, Japan, India and most of those Arab nations only accept you as one of them when you are of the same ethnic background or race while born there. To be President of the United States you must be born a United States citizen. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger could only be governor and not president. He was born in Austria. So born here and even more important heritage is a big deal and important.
Because our constitution demands that you must have Dutch nationality. I believe that it should be modify to state that the prime minister, the governor and Members of Parliament in the future should not be only Dutch citizens but should be born on St. Maarten. May be now it is not possible but in the next 10 years it should be required. The gravity of leading and being chief should be someone you can identify yourself with. The leader should be proud to say I was born here and this is my country that I am willing to die to protect. Seeing your fellow man born here in the highest offices in land builds love of country and nationalistic pride. Any person who will tell you that being born here is not important to get a job is usually people not born of the country and have no inheritance. They are wanna be.
I respect foreign people that come here and defend St. Maarten as their home. I welcome that. And I am sure they will agree what I am saying is important because one day their grand children will be of inheritance and the children will be born here. So they must agree with me or else they are hypocrites. And to be fair and earnest in my mind and heart, the people of St. Maarten who can trace their roots back to their great-grandfather or mother must be recognized. It is simple. They are the real deal. Without them we would not have a St. Maarten. That’s why George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are so important to American heritage, it signals original. The same we should we do with St.Maarten people who were here before most of us. I believe in honor where it is deserve.
In closing heritage and born here is important and a big deal. I am proud to have been born here and be a St. Maartener of inheritance, I believe it is disrespectful when parliamentarians use their office and power to insult the precious right of people who are of inheritance and born here. Those people should not be in power. I say again, heritage and born here is important.

Kevin James

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  1. evra lindo says:

    The current Australian prime minister was not born in Australia.

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