Haize relinquishes SER position due to age

POSTED: 05/13/11 12:28 PM

St. Maarten – The United Federation of the Windward Antilles (UFA) has requested that Willy Haize be replaced by Rafael Arrindell in the Socio-Economic Council (SER). The union requested the change by e-mail on Wednesday.

Haize said the request is based on the fact that he is 74. Article 8(b) of the law states that people can serve in the SER up until the age of 70.

“I’m too old and while I have no problem with serving, I want to remain a law abiding citizen. We have to respect the law so we asked for the change,” Haize said Thursday.

Though he’s standing down Haize has advised the other members of the SER to appoint former Member of the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles Glen Camelia as interim Secretary General of the SER St. Maarten for six months to a year so he can train a local counterpart.

“I was a member of the SER for the Netherlands Antilles for nearly 25 years and I worked with Mr. Camelia for several of those when he was a member from Curacao. He’s a lawyer and he has a lot of experience so I think that he’s a good person to do the job for at least a little while and then have somebody else take over,” Haize said.

SER Chairman designate Rene Richardson has already been informed of the request to replace Haize with Arrindell and expects that members will discuss that point and others in the next meeting, scheduled for May 27. That gathering will also allow for the SER Quartermaster Pyt Lucas to give members a breakdown of the budget and to help them begin the search for a Secretary General and other staff.

“The immediate priorities are getting the impression of the budget and also recruiting the secretary and some administrative personnel so that we can give advice to both the government and Parliament. We really need that staff because this is really a heavy something we have to do,” Richardson said.

The chairman designate said members are also committed to helping government achieve sustainable economic growth and helping to create jobs.

This is the second time Richardson will work in a Socio-Economic Council. He was a member of the SER Netherlands Antilles for seven years as a representative of the unions.


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  1. Michael S says:

    I hope that is not Raffy Arrindell, former chairman of bankrupt CKC credit union, and himself a bankrupt who ran off with the money to Dominica and only returns here to do banking.

    Let’s clarify this is not the person the article speaks of. This would be a total disaster for SXM,

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