Antonio Brown puts Internet terrorist Judith Roumou in her place

POSTED: 05/11/11 11:49 AM

“She makes money by blackmailing and setting other people up”

St. Maarten – Internet terrorist Judith Roumou has been on a media rampage, visiting friendly outlets willing to give her a platform, like radio Soualiga and Oral Gibbes. Antonio Brown, one of Roumou’s victims, confirms that Roumou has been telling one-sided stories during her media performances. He also accuses her of stealing the idea for a web site from the Talking Drums Foundation and of attempting to squeeze him for money.

“It started when my good friend and President of Talking Drums Foundation Cimmaron Marlin introduce me to Judith Roumou with the intention of starting a website. The website would gear towards news after attaining our new constitutional status,” Brown said in a statement he sent to this newspaper.

“The whole set-up of the site was to be her job and then we would expand it our selves. But nothing of any value was delivered to us and she ended up stealing the idea for her self. That is the reason her website constantly copies other people’s information without taking into consideration the context it was written in. By impersonating someone else on Facebook and their hotmail account is how she gets her information for her website. Nothing is original,” Brown stated.

Brown is the vice president of the Asewi Union, the Association of Staff Employees of the

Windward Islands, a partner in collective labor agreement negotiations with among others utilities company GEBE.

“CLA negotiation is war between the management and union with both fighting to get the upper hand. During these battles often there is an exchange of heated words and tempers can flare in the heat of the arguments. Frustration from both sides can be seen during and after some of these negotiations. This is what I have been keeping myself busy with,” Brown stated.

He said that Roumou was “constantly bugging me about GEBE and the managing director of the company but she conveniently never mentioned this in her public statements on radio or TV.  She had a problem with GEBE and was looking for a way to vent her frustrations. I can still recall her calling me names because I was not paying her any mind.”

After one of those battles, Brown stated, “She proposed to take down Mr. Brooks (managing director of GEBE – ed.) for me. Her eagerness to engage in such activities made me believe that she was up to no good. At the same time she was trying so hard to impress me about her work on the campaign for Barack Obama. After a while I learned her real intention was to pull into a scheme so she could squeeze me for money. My good friend Cimmaron Marlin informed me that she was doing it also to some of his friends. I paid her for her website which could not be used for the purpose we wanted it for.”

Brown scoffs at the idea of Roumou being all innocent as she portrays herself on radio and TV. “Judith Roumou is all over the media now pretending to be innocent of all that is going on.

Why would I want to take down someone that I personally champion to be in that position in the first place? Our union, the ASEWI was instrumental in having Mr. W. Brook in that position. I was one of the leaders to get him in that position. What makes Judith Roumou so special that she can take down a managing director of a big company while begging me for money each time to buy something to eat? On the TV she looks clean which is the total opposite of real life.”

Brown stated that Roumou “conveniently forgot to mention in the media that she does go around hacking into other people’s information. She mentions once that she used marijuana every day but I soon realized that it was crack. I was turned off from her even more when she mentioned that the boys in the neighborhood think she is doing tricks (prostitution).”

Brown stated that he also learned that Roumou never finished school in the US and never studied anything about computers, journalism or political science. “She can always tell you some sad story about her mother and how hard St. Maarten is but she doesn’t want to work. Everybody who is in government is a problem. If anybody wants to get to know the real Judith Roumou they can go by her house at the entrance of St. Peters Road and see for themselves (St. Maarten’s own Facebook terrorist). Her way of making money is by blackmailing and setting other people up. Basically this is a story about a lazy young woman and how she tries to make money the easy way,” Brown concluded.

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