Cosmetics producer raises a stink about Tintamarre wind farm plans

POSTED: 05/9/11 1:50 PM

St. Maarten / St. Martin – Photographer and fragrance developer Jean Jarreau is upset about plans to establish a wind farm on the uninhabited island of Tintamarre, of the coast of St. Martin. Several years ago his company Jean Jarreau cosmetics came up with the idea to develop a new perfume and to name it after an uninhabited Caribbean island. The choice fell on Tintamarre, but when the plans for the wind farm become a reality, the whole cosmetics line becomes more or less worthless, Jarreau says.

The plans will also put funding in jeopardy for the Nature Foundation in St. Maarten and its sister organization Reserve Naturelle on the French side. “Our company made a commitment almost a year ago towards these organizations to donate money from on line sales as a contribution to the good work they do,” Jarreau wrote in an email to this newspaper.

The company filed and paid for patents, brand name registrations and trademarks and started ‘the very expensive process of perfume creation in the world’s most renowned perfume house in Grace in the south of France. Jarreau Cosmetics spent two years developing perfume bottles, marketing and advertising campaigns, did photo and video shoots and started pre production activities for two fragrances, a body lotion, soaps and other skin care products.

Jarreau stated that he sincerely hopes the population and the government will not endorse the plans for a wind farm at Tintamarre. “The completion of all promotion, advertising and marketing as well as the final production of the fragrance line will without doubt come into question and will finally be abandoned if Tintamarre would be turned into a wind farm and lose its uninhabited and unspoiled status.”

Jarreau demands to know as soon as possible whether the plans will go through or not. If it happens, he says, his company will stop making unnecessary expenses on top of the thousands of dollars it has already invested in the Tintamarre fragrance line.

“In that case neither our company nor the nature foundation will see any money coming in from this cosmetics line venture. “St. Maarten/ St. Martin and Tintamarre will have lost a great chance of name recognition by tourists and visitors from all over the world.”

Jarreau said that his company has done already several photo shoots at Tintamarre for the fragrance line and that the filming of a TV commercial is on the agenda for the second half of October. The TV commercial involves underwater filming, aerial footage from two helicopters, and images of the schooner Passaat. Hosting a 20-strong crew for two weeks for this venture is also an expensive operation, Jarreau pointed out.

The Executive Council in Marigot discussed the plans for the wind farm for the first time in April. A company from Martinique, MG Energy wants to install ten 1-Megawatt wind mills; the project has not been approved yet, because MG energy has to conduct an environmental impact study first.

The manager of the French-side nature foundation, Romain Renoux has also expressed his concerns about the plans, and wondered about its viability, since transporting energy from the island to St. Martin would affect Tintamarre’s protected coast line.

Last year, Canadian model Rachel Bigras was two weeks in St. Maarten for a photo shoot for the cosmetics line. Bigras stayed at the Holland House in Philipsburg. She told reporters at the time that Jarreau would donate one dollar from each online sold bottle of the Tintamarre fragrance to each of the nature foundations. The launch of the fragrance was scheduled for December of this year during an international presentation at the Holland House.

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  1. CookieMonster says:

    Mr Jarreau does not face the energetic problems we face here on our island. We are dependent on foreign oil, we do not even have access to petro-caribe low cost fuel. We have no natural resources to produce energy and we have no jobs on the island. One wind turbine creates 5-10 jobs for 15-20 yrs, create tax revenue for the collectivity, reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our dependance on foreign oil. The benefit of wind farms in Sint Maarten/St Martin for the residents are more advantageous for the people than a perfume line.

    Mr Jarreau, if your upset, then come up with incentives for the people and not yourself.

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