Suicidal boy will return to Jamaica

POSTED: 05/6/11 2:38 PM

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The police said in a statement it issued yesterday about the attempted suicide by a young detainee that the boy in question, a 16-year-old Jamaican, was arrested on October 30 of last year as a suspect in an armed robbery. He was not prosecuted, but handed over to immigration because he could not provide identification.

The boy was arrested in a shack on the dump where he lived alone according to the police. Attempts to have family members bring in proper identification yielded no results. “The victim has been abandoned by his family because of  his negative behavior,” police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson said in the statement.

In January the Court of Guardianship located a caretaker for the boy. The police released him, but a month later the caretaker informed immigration that she could not accommodate the boy anymore due to his “uncontrollable and negative behavior.”

The caretaker told immigration that the boy was using drugs excessively and that he once pulled a knife on her and threatened to use it. The caretaker was forced to flee her home to avoid injury, Henson stated. “Immigration officials were obliged to place him into custody again because he seemingly became a threat to public safety.”

Regular communication and consultation with the Jamaican High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago and the British Council finally revealed that the boy has the Jamaican nationality and that he will receive travel documents to travel to Jamaica “after all necessary costs have been covered.”

Henson stated that the travel documents are expected in the next couple of days. The boy left St. Maarten as an infant to live with his grandmother in Jamaica, but he returned to the island in 2006.

Henson stated that a psychiatric evaluation by psychiatrist Sachin Gondotra showed that the boy is not suffering from any mental deficiencies. In the meantime, police has made arrangements with a friend who will take custody of the boy until the travel arrangements for his return to Jamaica are completed. In Jamaica he will be in the care of the Children Services Department.


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