Internet-terrorist claims she was paid to badmouth Vice PM Heyliger

POSTED: 05/6/11 2:39 PM

Rollocks outraged about Roumou’s radio statements

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten / By Hilbert Haar– Julian Rollocks reacted with outrage and dismay to statements made by Internet terrorist Judith Roumou on Radio Soualiga yesterday. In a monologue that lasted almost a quarter of an hour, Roumou said, among many other things, that Rollocks had hired her to orchestrate an elaborate smear campaign against political opponents of the Democratic Party. One of the assignments, Roumou said, was to depict Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger as a homosexual.

Roumou got the opportunity to tell her story in a humble voice without any interruptions or critical questions, creating the impression for radio listeners that she is the injured party.

Roumou claimed that she is operating not 37, but actually hundreds of Facebook-pages, complaining that “they” keep shutting her down.

But Rollocks says that “Roumou is somebody who would like to be in the game. She makes the impression that she knows this and that she knows that, but it is all totally untrue. What she stated on the radio is for 99 percent half-truths, innuendos and blatant lies.”

Rollocks also said that “there is no way” Roumou is able to justify stealing and publishing his private emails.

“Roumou was hired for het Internet-skills to enable me to buy and sell gold on the Internet,” Rollocks said. “She worked four or five months for me, but up to today I am not able to buy and sell gold on the Internet.”

This is the reason, Rollocks says, that he terminated the cooperation with Roumou. “In December (of 2009 – ed.) I told her that it did not make sense anymore. She kept collecting money, but I saw no results.”

Rollocks provided this newspaper with receipts that are signed by Roumou. There is one receipt for $500, others for amounts like $100 and $50. The final receipt, dated December 24, 2009, states that it is a “final payment” and it is signed by Roumou.

Rollocks said that Roumou got her money and that he thought this is where the relationship had ended. “But in January 2010 I discovered that she had changed the password of my hotmail-account and that she had taken control of my Facebook account. Today the question is: what else does she want?”

Rollocks said that Roumou is trying with him what she also tried to do with Jeffrey Richardson and Crastel Gumbs: “blackmailing them into paying her. I refused, because I do not owe her anything.”

Rollocks labels Roumou’s statements on Soualiga Radio as “ramblings to make people believe she is somebody and that she is part of something. She knows nothing about the political movement; she has not been privy to any meeting.”

Rollocks said that the notion that he had paid Roumou to badmouth Theo Heyliger or to do undercover work is ludicrous. “These are ideas she came back with from the United States. That is pure nonsense. That I was the first to take a complaint about Marietje (Buncamper-Molanus – ed.) to the prosecutor is also untrue. I had absolutely nothing to do with that.”

Rollocks addressed Roumou directly when he spoke on Radio Soualiga last night, saying: “If you land in the United States tomorrow you will be arrested and you will be incarcerated for a long time. I have spoken with the FBNI about your activities and I want you to know that.”


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