Today’s Editorial: Expertise

POSTED: 04/13/11 12:11 PM

Minister Donner has put another dent in the armor of Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto. In a written answer to a question by Socialist Party parliamentarian Ronald van Raak that escaped everybody’s attention so far, Donner made clear that Shigemoto had no right to exclude Cft board member Max Pandt from a meeting on February 23.

Donner wrote that it is up to the Cft to decide which advisors it wants to bring to a meeting in St. Maarten. In other words, Shigemoto has no say in the matter.

That brings us of course back to the real reason Shigemoto wanted Pandt out of the meeting.

Pandt is an experienced professional with a long history on the island, also in public service as a Lt. Governor. A man of that stature simply knows a lot of things, and the authoritarian way Shigemoto kicked Pandt out of the meeting with the Cft is a strong indication that the Finance Minister considers Pandt as a threat.

That attitude is not becoming of a Minister who seems unable to get his act together, or to present a balanced budget.

Pandt’s expertise should have been welcomed in that meeting. But since the tumultuous dismissal of the head of the finance department Bas Roorda we realize that expertise is not always appreciated by the government.

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