Today’s Editorial: Medical Danger

POSTED: 03/31/11 12:09 PM

The Inspectorate of Public Health, Social Development and Labor has sounded the alarm that Soladek, a dangerous vitamin supplement has made its way here. The fact that they’ve raised the red flag is good and we urge the public to take heed.

What is worrisome is that we’re not quite aware of how much of the dangerous drug is here and how many people have taken it and shows yet again that people are cutting all sorts of corners to obtain all sorts of drugs illegally. We stress here again, as another newspaper did with a series on black market medication, this is a dangerous practice that could cost you your life.

What is key here is that the source of the inflow be plugged immediately, whether it’s through the sea port or it’s through people travelling with it in their suitcases. The response to stopping this, in our minds, must be across departmental lines and include the Inspectorate, the police, the Customs, the Harbour Group of Companies and the Princess Juliana International Airport.

We hasten to add, as Minister of Justice Roland Duncan often says, that the illegality will stop the moment that people stop using it to obtain goods and service. So yet again, let us say no to the easy way out, as it really is doing us more harm than good.


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