Today’s Opinion: Global Wealth Trade: too good to be true?

POSTED: 03/13/11 8:54 PM

Global Wealth Trade is a company that retails jewelry over the internet. The structure of the organization resembles that of multi-level marketing businesses. They promise untold riches to anyone who is willing to join the organization, but only very few participants in such a scheme are actually making money.
Global Wealth Trade is also active in St. Maarten. The company is not doing anything illegal, but it is about to ruffle some feathers and encourage interested sales people to join the organization.
Global Wealth Trade will want people to believe they’re able to make a fortune. They flirt with the top income earners as examples of what could become anybody’s dream. Founder Reza Mesgarlou has a reported income in excess of $700,000, Robert Elsinga, who is linked to GWT in St. Maarten apparently makes more than $180,000 while others listed on the internet boast incomes of between $80,000 and $350,000 a year.
Who would not want to join such a sexy organization with such tempting income potential? There is of course one catch. If something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. It is not per definition so, that people who join the company won’t make any money at all – but the chances that they will end up with six figure paydays are close to non-existent.
So what does it take to join Global Wealth Trade? On its web site, the Canadian company makes clear that there is an annual membership fee of $194. Access to a shopping account (that allows people to buy at “wholesale” prices costs $77.25 per month or $154.50 per month, depending on the package.
And what are those packages? Global Wealth Trade calls them retailer, Gold, Titanium and Platinum respectively.
The “members” have to choose which package they want to buy. The kit presumably contains jewelry the company produces and that the members can sell to family and friends. Or to others, of course.
The price? The cheap retailer package comes at $306, and the most expensive option, Platinum, at $3,036.
There is a ten day cool off period within which members are able to come back on their decision to join, but they will lose at least $306, because the company has declared this amount for some reason non-refundable.
There are interesting critics around on the internet who warn that Global Wealth Trade is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, designed to rip people off. One blogger reports that GWT was once known as JewelWay International Inc. that sold worthless jewelry to would-be entrepreneurs, suggesting they could sell it for incredible profits. The company was shut down by the American Federal Trade Commission in November 1997, according to the blogger. He also claims that Oliver Koncz, the former CEO of another defunct pyramid scheme called TTI (Treasure Traders International) has apparently “dusted off” the old JewelWay business plan to form Global Wealth Trade. “Long story short, the Canadians are trying to rip us off, don’t buy into their shit.”
The company refers on its web site to Cecil Frenet, a former “night time social worker” from St. Maarten who has joined the company as “a Platinum.” We guess Cecil bought $3,036 worth of jewelry from Global Wealth Trade. We wish Cecil well, of course, but we keep having our doubts about GWT.
Multi level marketing companies are, according to one analysis we found, unstable. MLMs tend to flood the market with products for which there are in the end not enough buyers. The distributors at the bottom of the food chain remain stuck with the product; many MLMs disappear again when the pyramid collapses and the real market forces have kicked in.
The economic reality is that there are only a certain number of people whom are willing to buy any product at a certain price. MLMs usually approach their markets with overprices products, a strategy that limits the pool of prospective customers even further.
There are of course MLMs that do work (like Mary Kay), but that is again inherent to the product: there is a recurring demand for cosmetics. Expensive and “exclusive” jewelry that GWT brings to the market is a completely different story.
Once the market is saturated with GWT jewelry, new distributors that join the company are guaranteed losers, because there are no customers left. They get stuck with the product, and their only way to squeeze some money out of the venture is by bringing in more distributors who stand even less of a chance to make a dime.
GWT promotes itself as the most prestigious luxury designer fashion house in the world on its web site. It boasts of “the world’s highest paying compensation plan with an unprecedented payout of up to 70%,” and labels its business a “recession-proof opportunity in an ever-expanding multi-billion-dollar designer industry.”
The web site is glitzy, and the language the company uses is boisterous. It is all too good to be true, plenty of marketing push and nothing to prove that there is indeed a solid business out there.
Maybe our local jewelers have something to say about this way of marketing jewelry. Really such a golden opportunity, we’ll soon see all of our local jewelers close their stores and join the ranks of Global Wealth Trade. If that happens, and only then, will we concede that our opinion about multi level marketing schemes is completely off the mark.

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  1. florie says:

    This company is in Dominica to, trying to sell the same hype. I was immediately suspicious and did a bit of my own research and i found out the same things that are being said in this article. People need to learn not to jump into seemingly “golden opportunities”. Get informed first.

    • Stephen says:

      This article doesn’t make any sense. If GWT is a scam then Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are also. GWT is a company that developed a brand called FERI Designer Lines that over 120+ Celebrities on their website are seen wearing and the owner was featured on the front cover of the American Business Journal the month after the 3rd richest man in the world Warren Buffet was also featured on the front cover. Why would they ruin their reputation by putting the owner on the front cover? Also the Canadian Jewellery Association featured them in 3 different publications calling their products “unimaginable”. And they were given the award by VIVA magazine as the 2011 Luxury Designer of the Year. And featured on The VIEW TV show on Valentines day and got a standing ovation. Should I go on? The only reason someone would call them a scam is out of ignorance and not understanding their business model. If someone is not making money with the company it is because they are not putting in the effort. Those who are, have the paychecks to prove it. Let’s get some balanced opinions here and not one sided verbal diarrhea that is clearly pushing someone’s own personal agenda.

      • Smarterthanyou says:

        Hi promo-bot. Balanced opinion? Any company that markets itself to employees with shitty house music,a low res picture show and a fundamentally flawed misunderstanding of inflation and global markets is a scam.

        This is a scam.

      • Romeo says:

        @Stephen – If Feri Designer Lines is comparable to Gucci, LV and Chanel, how come those lines don’t do an MLM just to sell their products? If Feri is that great, they should just open stores. Why do they have to recruit people and ask for money to help them sell their products?

        • straight shooter says:

          welcome to the 21st century:)
          more and more businesses are turning to direct sales where the middleman is cut out and an
          average person can team up with a prestigious company such as feri and ferimosh and change their lives for better as this brand has proven in 90 countries and counting.
          Do you do any research and keep up with times or just speak out of pure ignorance.It is all over the net.I suggest you do some homework before opening your mouth.
          GWT has accolades from dozens of reputable sources globally yet I see a handful of uneducated ignorant individuals who have nothing better to do ( or to offer) who are here just to hate and talk non sense.

      • Mandrake says:

        The difference between GWT’s product line and lets say Gucci is that Gucci dose not use cheap Japanese movement in their watches Like Feri , and since when is a $2,000 watch studded with fake diamonds and a plastic or Glass crystal ? all Gucci Watches have Sapphire Crystals

        And look GWT rings non of them have real gems in them , Since when dose a $700 ring have fake diamonds in them and only 9K Gold , that weighs less then a JW ring that’s 10K Gold and has a real diamond that only Costs $500

        Now lets compare Feri suits with Armani , Armani suits are 100% wool and have 100% silk inner lining and the material is thick and durable
        Feri suits are blended with polyester and the material is so thin and Cheap it rips easy .

        Funny thing is I had someone take the Feri $60,000 watch to jeweller , to appraise it , and it was appraised at less then a thousand .

        I also find it funny that Feri’s Logo is very similar to Swarovski’s

        No one who knows as much as I do about Fashion and jewellery would waste their money on GWT’s products , their products are equivalent to cheap knock offs .

        Now that was that you were saying about being objective ?

        • Anna says:

          WOW, you are writing about something what;s not existing… :) Check FERI products and find: Suits… or $700 ring with diamonds… You don’t know the subjects of this company but you seem’s like you are an expert…

          So… Why you are saing all of this …. “facts”?

          • Lior says:

            Anna, Mandrake is clearly an idiot and does not know what he is talking about. I was wondering the same thing when I read that Feri has suits!

        • straight shooter says:

          I could have not said it any better Mr Lior
          9 K gold?
          polyester suits?
          no precious stones?
          You know about fashion?
          I am just about falling of my chair.
          Mandrake , You are a ignorant idiot.
          show us just one of the claims you made to be true.
          You have no clue as to what you are talking about.
          next time at least check the product line before posting.Thank you

        • unbiased says:

          Mandrake as much as I enjoyed your analysis I made some research and I found all these links on wikipedia about GWT. Tell me what you think after you see these links on reputable websites and organization.

          • Faith Sloan says:

            I read the article from the Canadian Business Journal. The quote “Mesgarlou hasn’t always been a CEO, he hasn’t always been in the fashion industry, but he has always been at the top of his game. He comes from a family of “go-getters” where he was taught that everything is possible if you believe it to be. And it is that belief in himself that has taken him to the top and beyond.” is very telling.

            The author of this blog post said that if you get involved in MLM, you won’t make money so just walk away and don’t try. The author also said that those at the top of the food chain makes all the money.

            That is so far from the truth. Let me tell you why MOST people fail in MLM. Because they have no DESIRE. Because they do NOT WORK hard as the guy or gal who succeeds. Because they whine and complain and watch television while eating bon bons. The guy and gal who are at the top of their game … at the top of the mark… worked their butts off every single day. They have a “WHY”… a HUGE “WHY” for why they are doing what they do.

            When you have a HUGE “WHY”, then you will do everything you can every single day in terms of work, effort, education, learning, getting on the phone, beating the streets, WHATEVER it takes to succeed. Now THAT is why only the few succeed.

            Here is a newsflash!

            It is not just MLM. It is LIFE. It is Corporate America. It is RELATIONSHIPS. It is Small Business Ownership. It is Inventing New Products. It is EVERYTHING.

            The people who write these type of articles are typically in one or more of the following categories
            1. Never tried to start up their own business or create anything.
            2. Never participated in MLM and thus is clueless about what it is. Even Donald Trump said that if he lost everything, he would get into MLM. Actually he did own a MLM company.
            3. Participated in MLM, got all excited listening to the hype hype, got home and made 5 or 10 phone calls over a 2 months period, and GAVE UP! Weak attempt = failure = causes MLM bitterness. But the failure is THEIR fault and not the fault of the company. Nonetheless, they like to blame others or things rather than themselves.
            4. Participated in a deal. The deal crashed and burn through no fault of the distributors. So now there is bitterness. NEWSFLASH! In the USA, about 80% of all new business start up fail. So what makes MLM so different? IT DOESN’T

            So I say all of that to say this. If you aren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur… If you aren’t cut out to work in the hard, tough world of MLM, then DON’T. But don’t cut down your brothers and sisters who have a dream. Step back. Shut up. And let them get to work!

            If they don’t get to work, then nothing will work, and they will be like you … rather uninformed and bitter about the industry. When the truth of the matter is that you should simply look in the mirror and take a critical look at yourself.

      • tyloaded says:

        Stephen, thanks so much for speaking my mind. People should stoping ranting over things they know little or nothing about. GWT is real and has come to stay…..they can go ahead wearing their Gucci and all…without getting paid for wearing it. Thanks again.

    • manon says:

      Total scam. I have seen with my own eyes what that 3000+ buys you. a bunch of silver and ‘ triple a’ cubic zerconias. It is the type of scam that attracts very selfish, greedy people. I nearly died laughing listening to the ‘personal luxury consultant’ as she described all the wonderful ‘pieces’ she had ordered. Cubic zerconias, glass, artificial pearls. Oh, but they are triple a cubic zerconias…… dear lord.

      • Mandrake says:

        lol . Funny to their sliver jewelry is so thin that its worthless . I have seen sliver Ear rings with 10 times the thickness with real gems or crystals sell for less .

        O but our cheap jewelry is rhodium plated and who elts dose that ? sorry to burst your bubble but no one is goanna pay more for plating .

        O but your paying for the brand . In order to build a brand you need a good reliable product that offers an original design and high quality .

        All their products are cheap and look cheap .

  2. GWT PR team says:

    Prosecutor Mos admits Global Wealth Trade is legal
    We all knew that the accusation of the prosecutor and the Dutch police in St Maarten were wrong and unjust, and we knew that the truth would soon come to light – and we are pleased to say that it has.
    The prosecutor Mr, Mos who started the attacks on Global Wealth Trade has evidently changed his views on the legality of Global Wealth Trade business model. In his recent interview with Today newspaper he said
    “Global Wealth Trade is not involved in illegal activities, but the structure of the company and the way it is doing business resembles the business model of Herbalife, a company that marketed a weight loss product in the Netherlands. “You could become a consultant for that company and then you had to recruit new consultants,” Mos said.” POSTED: 05/18/11 12:16 PM
    Mr. Mos went on to say
    “That works until the market is saturated. A number of people made good money out of it.”
    Herballife started operations in 1980. In 2010 they reported 2.7 Billion dollars in sales that has rapidly been growing every decade since inception which includes Netherlands. Clearly the facts of the example Mr, Mos used regarding “saturation” is contradictory to his views.
    Global Wealth Trade Corp is a 7 year old company, not a “new kid on the block”. We have representation in 50+ countries, 8000 Luxury Consultants (and growing) and have been recognized as the fastest expanding, and #1 Networking opportunity in the world by our industry score keepers which happens to be a Netherlands based company.

    Needless to say we are surprised at the negative articles in the Daily Herald and Today newspapers in St Maarten – a country in which we have had an office for 2 years officially opened with the attendance of St. Maarten – Prime Minister Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams.
    So we ask this question, how can
    – the #1 ranked direct selling company in the world with documented highest paying distributor compensation plan
    – one of the most prestigious luxury designers who just conducted a major photo shoot in Toronto with Hugo Boss and Versace, who designs and manufactures the world’s most luxurious designer lines
    – the company that beats every major direct sales performance stat by at least 800%
    – and the ONLY opportunity that ever worked successfully for the people in the islands with hundreds of excited luxury consultants

    be under attack by the Dutch owned St Maarten news papers, the Dutch police and the Dutch prosecutor?
    Our investigative reporters in St Maarten tell us that the scandal may have started with some very nervous and influential local retailers who were afraid that GWT’s Luxury Handmade exclusive lines were going to detract from their mass produced products that are targeted towards the cruise ship passengers and their local market.
    Of course there are also those who are set against the Direct sales industry as a whole and are continually trying to bring our profession into disrepute by jumping onto any negative MLM bandwagon.
    Mr Mos also made another comment that seriously requires attention. He went on to say
    “that the quality of the Global Wealth Trade products is lamentable.”
    Our understanding is that Mr Mos has no knowledge of jewellery, hand bags or sun glass manufacturing nor has he ever seen, touched or studied any of our luxury lines so again the question that we will require Mr Mos to answer in due time is where does this comment stems from?
    Facts about our luxury lines:
    Our family heritage within the precious metals industry and fine jewellery dates back as far as the 1500’s with immediate family being involved in jewellery manufacturing since 1880’s. No other company anywhere in the world of Network Marketing can claim 500 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in their field. Specifically our supremacy in the jewellery world is well documented and recognized world wide starting with our exclusive gold and silver compositions and plating technology.
    Simply put when the fine diamond jewellery world stops at 18 Karat, our luxury gold jewellery lines start at 19 Karat with our prestige line FERI MOSH being constructed in the GWT exclusive 21 Karat gold composition.
    All our jewellery is independently certified by the world’s largest gemological laboratory International Gemological Institute where three professional gemologist certify our quality and craftsmanship world wide. So Mr Mos can freely express his uninformed opinions regarding our prestigious designer lines and business model to the media however those opinions and its motives will soon be questioned in due time.
    The same industry supremacy is also true in our distributor compensation plan which has been ranked #1 since its inception in 2005. It is the world’s first revolutionary “Free Flowing Compensation Plan” with the highest payout ever conceived and the reason why we have the highest E/D ratio (Earning/Dist ratio) worldwide as well as the highest retention and the distributor activity ratio of all time.
    Considering the facts here vs. the printed fiction, perhaps you are now of the same popular opinion in St Maarten that the hostility shown towards Global Wealth Trade stems far beyond our revolutionary business model or our prestigious luxury designer lines. There has been much attempt to damage our good reputation and to interrupt the businesses of our valued Luxury Consultants by a few with power and reach in St Maarten and it is now our legal teams mandate to insure that our good name and reputation is well defended.
    We invite each and every one of you to come and visit us at our world class International Headquarters in Toronto or one of our Regional offices in Hong Kong or St Maarten to see our designs, see our state of the art showrooms, meet our professional Luxury Consultants and get the facts for yourselves.
    Our valued St Maarten Luxury Consultants:
    We command you for your resolve as this has been a difficult time for you. We want to assure you that our legal team in Canada, St Maarten and abroad are watching the St Maarten media assault closely. We congratulate you all for your professionalism, class and focus.
    GWT PR team.

    The “investigative reporters” of Global Wealth Trade incorrectly suggest that the Today newspaper has a Dutch owner. That’s a sloppy piece of investigating. The statement that our comments about Global Wealth’s business model have been inspired by concerns expressed by local retailers is also incorrect. We have never statyed that Global Wealth is doing anything illegal. we have just warned our readers against accepting a proposal that requires them to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to become a member of global wealth’s happy inner circle. There are only that many people ready to pay for certain products and once a market is saturated – and you reach that point pretty qwuickly in a small market like St. Maarten – the consultants are stuck with expensive yet unsellable merchandise.”

  3. GWT Luxury Consultant says:

    I am beyond amazed especially being from the Caribbean at the comments of the editors here. Clearly you have vast ignorance of an industry that is almost 70 years old that has created more Millionaires than any other and has pillars like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Sir Richard Branson opening and buying companies in the industry. Global Wealth Trade has been in the Caribbean 2 years and we are not even close to saturating that market where already we have helped Luxury Consultants be able to not only earn an additional income to help change their lives through the product of wealth that is allowing major luxury goods Designers to reap record profits in the current economic climate but if you understood anything at all about investing they are now able to invest in and accumulate wealth in a way the richest on earth has done for 3000 years. Also not only is the Caribbean market far from saturated but everyone in St. Maarten and the Caribbean knows people in Europe, USA and Canada who they can share the products and business with!!! Oh and by the way the oldest company in this industry which has been around for over 65 years with over 8 million distributors that advertises on CNN has not come close to saturation so how could Global Wealth Trade have? The luxury goods companies that have been around for 150 years with millions of customers around the world have not come close to saturation so how could Global Wealth Trade have?

    Editor’s Note:
    Market saturation is a reality that hits every product sooner or later. The figures Global Wealth Trade has released are simply not realistic: more than 800 luxury consultants in St. Maarten? Who are you kidding? But then, this is a free world, and there are no laws against fooling people. We gladly reconfirm the GWT is not doing anything illegal, but we keep warning our readers against accepting proposals that seem too good to be true.

    • straight shooter says:

      Mr editor
      what you seem to understand is that GWT is an online company which has no borders.I know of people who live in Porto rico who their business is in dozens of countries with over 100,000 distributors.
      Point here is that regardless of where one lives he or she can expand globally from the comfort of their homes.This is what GWT offers and the fact that their products are the best of the best (don`t take my words .just check the accolades online) makes a perfect business sense for all who are SERIOUS about changing their lives

      • TheWatchmaker says:

        Mandrake is right , anyone who is into high end products will tell you that everything GWT offers is inflated by at least 90% . No one pays 60,000CND for a watch with out having their Jeweller look at it . I would challenge GWT to bring their $60.000 watch to my watch smith and see what he has to say . Just name the day and time you want to do this and I will make all the arrangement’s . If your product is up to par with ETA then I will sell and promote your product line.

    • Faith Sloan says:

      I am not a GWT Consultant. So let us get that out of the way.

      There is talk here about “market saturation” for products.

      I had someone tell me that a food-based MLM company will fail because everyone sells food and the market is saturated. I almost fell off of my sofa! The “market saturation” argument is as false as the argument that when you get a lot of distributors in a MLM company, we will run out of people. LOL! I mean really? If we run out of people in a MLM, let me know. Have we ran out of people selling vacumn cleaners? Have we ran out of people selling hamburgers? Do you know how many fast food restaurants are in our neighborhoods? I can walk down the street and find a lot of small restaurants that sell hamburgers. I remember a friend told me that it would be silly to open up a restaurant. I asked why. She said because McDonalds and Burger King are really large and no one can complete with them. Same with Wendy’s. I laughed so hard and told her not to be ridiculous. There is NO saturation in terms of market size nor the number of people who want to become an entrepreneur or distributor in a MLM company. There definitely is NO saturation in terms of the number of people looking for a minimum wage job at McDonalds. I don’t see anyone in line desperate to work there even in recessionary times.

      I know where this saturation comment come from. It is like a guy said it to another guy who said it to a gal who said it to a guy who wrote an article about it and published it and some gal read it and told some gal who told some guy … and finally folks start believing what they were saying. I hate to bust the bubble .. .but it makes absolutely NOT sense whatsoever.

      We will NEVER run out of people to recruit into our MLM businesses. Just like we will NEVER have too many burger restaurants nor will we have too many people selling fake or real jewelry or food or cosmetics or cologne or coffee or tea or electricity, etc.

      Now answer this question for me. Why when I visit the islands in the tourist areas (St. Maarten, Aruba, Bahamas, etc), ALL of the vendors are selling the EXACT same thing in the EXACT same area. LOL! How about distancing yourself away from your competitors. Let those who want to be in front of the cruise boat stay there. There will be plenty of people who will wait ti buy and you will be right there to make the money. Oops! That was a slight diversion. LOL!

      Nonetheless. Stop hating on people who want to do something else other than getting a J.O.B. I don’t think they need your help telling them what is real or not. It is obvious that the writer isn’t a success story so how can the write dictate what others choose to do?

      Just DO YOU!

      Good day everyone.

  4. Robert Elsinga says:

    I need to be make a correction to the “figure” mentioned in Today commentary regarding my annual income from my GWT business. Apparently Today’s information comes from a website that keeps track of the worldwide income from Direct Sales companies and its distributors. As these amounts are in most cases “rough estimates”, it is not wise to use these “figures” in a public article without verifying this on accuracy. The figure mentioned is NOT what I have received in the time I am involved in this business. GWT has a income disclaimer at the end of each business presentation and never “guarantees” anyone income as it is based upon your own activities, sales and determination to build your team. Next time contact the persons involved before making these statements!

    Editors note
    The income mentioned stems from a web site Global Wealth Trade is proud to refer
    to all the time to substantiate its standing in the multi level marketing world.
    Maybe Mr. Elsinga ought to ask the company not to disclose his income anymore.
    But then, publishing these unsubstantiated fantastic incomes is part of the
    marketing plan to bring new luxury consultants into the fold. It is rather
    remarkable that Mr. Elsinga now suddenly claims that he is not making that much
    money at all. Has the tax office been calling?

  5. Oliver says:

    Although you make some interesting points and I do agree with your opinion, the sources you have cited are not reliable. I have researched GWT over the internet as well and cannot find compelling evidence that it is a shady business. The comments made on those websites are interesting but cannot be substantiated. You do make good inferences in regards to how hard it would be for someone can realistically make money from this.

  6. uninformed says:

    Gee now i’m confused. I am just a young person trying to decide whether i should join ths business or not and here i am stumbling on this article just before i sign up…but I dont have solid evidence to decide. Need objectivity here…

    • Life says:

      Work had… don’t play with money. If your rich sure… have fun with your number game, but you won’t be happy. Enjoy whatever it is you do as best you can and don’t ruin your life for hope based on ploy.

  7. Loren says:

    From reading some of these post it’s fair to say that some of you and with all do respect are ignorant about the MLM business model. MLM is a great opportunity for the serious ambitious entrepreneur. MLM is for everybody but not everybody is for MLM. People call Network Marketing a pyramid pull out a dollar and turn it over and you’ll see a pyramid on the back of it with a eye ball looking down. Explain that…. Even our founding fathers of the US mint new the best way to capitalism was a well designed pyramid.

    • Liam says:

      Well it’s quite easy to explain the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill…. in one word too. Illuminati

      As most secret societies, it has a selfish agenda.

      Your argument has no merit because you’re as ignorant as you are uninformed…

    • A concerned fish says:

      The founding fathers who created the U.S. Mint ? Do your research… I’m not even American and I know that lead to the independance war…

  8. Simon says:

    This is a scam people, stop fooling yourself and others. Pathetic!

  9. George says:

    Check this out everyone. This guy here has a complete page dedicated to the research of GWT.

    He even titled it “Did your own due diligence?”

    Me personally… after seeing all of the 3rd party media, celebrities, certifications, appraisals, BBB, PLUS GWT featured on the American Business Journal, Canadian Business Journal and their brands on so many celebrities AND the CANADIAN JEWELLER… it’s obvious this company is real!

    I’m joining and I suggest you all to do the same!!!

    I don’t get why people say it’s a scam without any ‘evidence’. Show me some evidence please… otherwise, leaving a post and saying ‘scam’ will only embarrass yourself.

  10. Simon says:

    Still pushing that “scam” telecom company? By the way I tried calling you to deal with this in person but couldn’t connect so I guess that so called long distance plan you sell with ACN don’t work too well ha :). What is Pathetic Simon is attacking your competition online when you cannot complete :). If you had any smarts you would know not to through stones at a castle when you live in a glass house :). But I guess picking on the #1 opportunity in direct sales when your company is rated on the bottom of the list doesn’t require smarts. I told you SIX years ago come over to GWT and you will feel right at home because we have over a 1000 LCs that came from your company and you already know that :)

    As far as the rest of the NO-LOADS that are commenting negatively here is the best response for you.

    That incident in St Maarten happened in mid 2010, the three paid perpetrators quickly backed out and admitted publicly that they were wrong. That was THREE years ago and than GWT was in 40 countries and was rated #1 company in the world by Netherlands company that rates direct sales companies

    Today THREE years later we are still rated top opportunity every single year, just celebrated our FORTH year anniversary of our gorgeous St Maarten office, The company is growing faster than ever in the islands and 76 other countries in just 9 years :)

    So if you are new reading this you have a choice:

    1- believe the baseless attacks and opinion of people who have never done business with GWT (mostly annoyed competition like Simon that have lost their team to GWT)
    2- Read the life changing experiences of the people that actually are doing business with GWT

    or don’t belive either side and simply read what some of the most prestigious business magazines in the world are sayng about Global Wealth Trade. The media is simply MESMERISED by GWT but you can read it for yourself.

    Global Wealth Trade being featured on the COVER of American Business Journal and 8 page spread inside. PM of Canada, CEO of Wikipedia and three US congressmen were featured inside and not on the cover, what does that tell you about the respect and notoriety of GWT :)

    7 page spread, and cover page mention.

    Direct sales industry leading company that rates the best companies in the world. Find out why Global Wealth Trade is constantly rated #1 four years running including in 2013.

    More top reviews by industry’s top website in 2012.
    page 29
    GWT’s 21 Karat FERI MOSH Prestige line written about THREE different times by the world’s most respected jewellery trade magazine Canadian Jewellers. They called FERI MOSH “the best f the best” and “unimaginable ultra luxury jewellery collection” , read story page 28

    Did we mention in 2011 FERI won luxury designer of the year award by Viva Int beating Jennifer Lopez jewellery line for the award? Click on the link and see our media page where 125 Hollywood celebrities are FERI clients and FERI is officially Hollywood’s designer line and on every red carpet from Oscars to Golden Globes.

    Global Wealth Trade official sites
    FB: Global Wealth Trade Corporation
    YouTube: GWT INC “official channel”

    There are many many more accolades by the world media but I think you get the point so the last website you want to visit is the company’s official website and join our 14,000 LUxury Consultants in 76 countries.

    P.s. I thought someone said in one of those blogs that St Maarten will soon be saturated with LCs selling FERI. Well that was THREE years ago and the business is growing faster than ever in St Maarten :)

  11. Tom says:

    I guess it is FOOLS not facts then because the information above is far more credible than the negative crap from Simon and others. I know how it feels when you are building a business and you get attacked by broke people who don’t have a pot to piss in. At least MLMers have the guts to try.

  12. GWT Luxury Consultant says:

    Well we can all post our opinions which is great in the world but I always say I like to know facts. The facts are Global Wealth Trade has A+ rating with Better Business Bureau, featured in American Business Journal and Canadian Business Journal going to the top CEOs in those countries, reviewed as one of the top 20 in the world 3 years in a row on the #1 site overlooking companies in the industry, featured twice in a year as company of the month by direct sales business journal the oldest and biggest paper in the industry, featured 3 times for its incredible product line in 128 year old world famous Canadian Jewellers magazine, products appraised by the top 3 independent appraisers in the world. I could go on for a long time but again I just want people to be clear opinions are great and we are all entitled to share our opinion but turn to the facts when you want to decide on the quality of a company and the facts show without question Global Wealth Trade is A+

  13. beentah says:

    i honestly got scared of joining at first but then how can they post world known celebrities as their jewelry models! surely that’s asking for trouble! so i say GWT is the way to go. am proud to be a distributor now!

  14. David says:

    GWT has absolutely nothing at all to do with JewelWay Int’l.
    Never has and never will. They are WORLDS apart.

    Rumors and fake facts are a part of life, but the truth always comes to light in the long run.

    GWT is legit from top to bottom.

  15. Pat says:

    To begin with there are many other reasons people join networks like GWT. For individuals who are not seeking to be rich immediately or ever, have good opportunity to build a super social network with wonderful people who are positive and moving in the right direction. Lots of retirees like myself, don’t need to get rich, we just need to have good groups of people to surround ourselves with, so that we don’t become bored and die. Money means nothing if you don’t have good reasons to use it, such as helping others who are less fortunate than yourself. It is every individuals choice if they choose to join any MLM, and after working 30 years on a government job, I don’t ever remember receiving a paycheck without doing the work. So, as in retirement, if I invest half of the time that I invested on someone elses job, I am bound to show others who may be seeking the same interest how wonderful GWT is. It amazes me how when some people see others trying to get ahead, they criticize, never offering anything better. Those kinds of people are miserable, and unhappy with themselves and want to infect all others around them. Get a life!

  16. Joy Anne says:

    Having read everything up here and bringing my own to it, there are certainly truths and lies throughout. However not wanting to put all of these aside, I have a much deeper concern? I have done extensive reading on GWT, however it was only recent I looked up the key brand named “Feri” where I just generally googled up the word Feri and on one site realize it is associated with GWT, rightly so, but what had me very very concerned is that this word is also associated with some sort of witchcraft. Can anyone share any true light on this. Is there any truth then that the GWT Feri has a witchcraft origin? Someone with facts please disclose the truth here, however I know the truth on this one must reveal itself.

  17. andrea says:

    Well, all I can say is that I own a Cartier watch priced in $50.000 dollars and when I went to change the battery of my watch to Cartier wearing my Feri ring ref. Diana from gwt, I got a lot of complements on my gorgeous ring! There are not even something so spectacular designed by Cartier. GWT designs are unique and stunning and that’s precisely the reason they have been feautured on many luxury and fashion publications and received many awards.
    This is very easy to see on gwt web page.

  18. greg says:

    Guys firstly whether you like MLM or not is purely a personal opinion. To make a blanket statement that all MLM’s are “too good to be true’s” is simply to express your ignorance. I tend to listen when a Robert Kiyosaki or a Donald Trump of this world recommend something.
    Secondly, jewellery is controlled by certain bodies and so false claims would have them shut down faster than fast.
    Thirdly, to saturate a market with jewellery would be a tall order. Most people have many more pieces of jewellery than only one. People dont generally reach a point and say they have jewelery. its a bit like clothing, you not going to saturate the clothing market as peoples tastes change as fashions change.
    i do understand your fear, and thats what it is, a fear, of MLM. much damage has been done by MLM themselves to damage the impression people have of MLM businesses but the truth is that the MLM business model is very good. the problem is that people are lead to believe that if they join, success will follow. not so! What people should be told is, and GWT do do this, is that they must first consider long and hard if they are prepared to put long and hard hours into building their business. to sacrifice plenty and if so, then join. there are no free lunches in life. even if one pours plenty of start up capital into a traditional business success isnt a given. all business and any business takes much hard work and much sacrifice to realise success.
    MLM’s shouldnt be slammed simply because they are an MLM. the main reason MLM’s are slammed is simply out of fear.

  19. About to Join says:

    I am about to join as a Luxury Consultant. Here is the reason why, it is a pyramid scheme. If you can get in on it now you should be fine. When the global market becomes saturated by Feri then we will have problems. As a college student 196$ is not too much money. I hopefully will be able to make a bunch off of it by doing nothing.

    For anyone else who is looking to join, think about it. If you honestly thing that this will retire you, then you need to do some research. Companies like this come and go. Just like a stock or bond or any type of investment there is some risk.

    Before you invest think of how much the money you are investing is worth to you. Is 3k a lot of money or a little? Would you be willing to risk that money on an investment that could quickly go South? Consider all of that before coming involved with GWT.

    Understand that some people will be able to make a lot of money in a company like this. You and I the average joe’s are not. Anyways I have spent much time contemplating joining. I know what I am risking and thankfully nothing is Illegal. I will post and let you guys know if this invention is fruitful.

    Good Luck to all.

  20. Glow colour says:

    I will try to be as objective as possible. I was a consultant with GWT for 4 years. I worked very hard at it and learned all the approaches and several people joined because of the trusted people involved. I purchased the expensive jewellery as opposed to much of the Feri (silver line). Of the 19K and Feri Mosh lines – all had to be sent back for repair which is expensive considering you send it back across the country with insurance. If you have it repaired through another source the warranty is voided. All the jewellery is expensive – all lines. I had purchased a silver chain for $200 which arrived with a faulty clasp. Even though rhodium plated it still turned slightly black. I then purchased a 10K 18″ gold chain for $129 from a local jewellery store and it is beautiful. I worked extremely hard for this GWT, but the selling was extremely difficult and I wasn’t able to qualify for 3 years. After spending $25,000 in fees, repairs and travel I decided that it wasn’t working out in any way. I certainly gave it my best shot. I would not recommend it.

    • Faith Sloan says:

      Here is what I would say.
      The business isn’t for you at all.
      You didn’t have enough drive nor motivation to make sales.
      If you did, then you would have.
      Life is not complex.
      If you have desire, you will DO whatever you have to do in order to SUCCEED.

      It is just like a drug addict. He has no money. He has no home. It is cold outside. Freeeezing. But he has an overpowering overwhelming desire for a “hit” of drugs.

      I will bet you $1million that EVERY DAY, MULTIPLE TIMES a DAY, that drug addict will get his “hits” in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night.

      The moral of the story is that regardless of what your mouth says, it is your DESIRE, your WORK ETHIC, YOUR ACTS that dictate YOU ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS EVERY single morning. day by day.

      Why did Mrs. A SUCCEED and Mr. B FAIL. Figure it out. Then you have the key. The other thing is AGAIN … if you have a RIDICULOUSLY INSANE SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE “WHY” you do what you do, then FAILURE is NOT an option. You will KEEP AT IT! KEEP AT IT! KEEP AT IT! FIND A MENTOR! KEEP POUNDING AT IT! UNTIL YOU FEEL LIKE DYING in order to get to your “WHY”. If you ain’t got a “WHY” like that, then when the going gets tough, you will QUIT.

      So go sit down, fast forward in your life. Figure out what you want on your headstone when you die. What do you want people to say about you. Then figure out what is it you want to do … what is your BURNING PASSION. What keeps you going. What is at the forefront of your head, of your heart every darn day. When you figure it out, THEN you know your why. When you have a why, I am serious … Failure is not an option.

      So if you say you worked a company diligently for 4 years and did not succeed. I retort, you did NOT work that company diligently for 4 years. You simply went through the motion.

      That’s my tough love moment for the day.

  21. A concerned fish says:

    I was approached (encroached?) last nite in one of those MLM meetings from a friend that got sucked in the GWT network.

    I also happen to be from the same country as Resa, and I spoke to him directly.

    All I got to say is this; I can spot a salesman a miles away (my friend didn’t tell me what it was about when inviting me, I thought he was legitimately calling on me for my services).

    And one thing WRONG about salesmen in general, they sell you dreams. If they can hook a fish on a dream, they’ll sell it, that’s what they do, they convince, brainwash and turn your concepts of the unacceptable into acceptable deeds, and one hint of this is their attempts to “close” the sale right away, on the spot.

    That’s what *I* hire salesmen for, closing sales for me. I got great business acumen, I grasp my field of expertise with masterful art, so I leave the selling to better-able people. And yes; I would definitely hire Resa as a salesman for my business (if I still ran one… hihihi, I sold it…). That guy could probably sell golf equipment to 70 years olds living in wheelchairs.

    Perhaps if you’re a real salesmen you can make money with this scheme, but then again, wouldn’t you rather be selling million-dollars contracts for legitimate businesses rather than 20$ trinkets and 1000$ memberships ? Really good salespeople are hard to come by, it’d be such a waste if they end up caught up in this scheme ! (And I would imagine a good salesmen can sell himself, so finding a real proper job wouldn’t be that hard either).

    A real salesmen makes 10k+ per month in commissions only… (in North America, and usually within the first 3 months) You must find it odd that you need to work your way up for 6 months to 8 years in order to reach the 10k club? No ?

    But back to the subject …

    Saturation aside (which is definitely a factor), my mom always said (and very seriously) “Zirconias are not diamonds”. I’m also a mineralogist by hobby, I collect all sort of rare stones and minerals, and zirconias are at the very bottom of the value list. Zirconias are worth PENNIES…

    In fact; Zirconias are now MASS-PRODUCED in specialty fabrics. (And so are diamonds by the way).

    19K insets ? 21K insets ? A patented feat of technology and art ? of course… its only tungsten plated with 19/21K silver or gold… duh ! (which supports the previous comment about the quality of the materials)

    Finally, anybody who seriously dealt with jewelery in the past knows there is a big worldwide monopoly on diamonds by a very famous family which I won’t name. (do your research). I seriously doubt they would “grant” permission to these guys to use their diamonds.

    After all, “a diamond is for life” ! A zirconia on the the other hand meeey, is not worth getting robbed in the street for… ya know ? (I live in a dangerous country where people get kidnapped for 300$ ransoms… I don’t even wear my wedding band in public).

    What makes this MLM more attractive than the others (lets compare apples with apples mr. Luxury Consultant), is the cheapness of the products. Its a lot easier to sell a 20$ trinket to your mom than a 3000$ surgeon steel frying pan, or a list-price washing machine as with Aimway, or 10 Lingzhi coffee cups for 30$ .

    Herbalife is approximately on the same price-level as GWT (GWN? EmpowerNetwork?… there are in fact MANY more on the same price-level, selling the same stuff in some cases)

    But in the end, my legal advise (I also study law…). Pyramid schemes are ponzy games (check Ponzy in wikipedia). What makes a pyramid scheme “legal” is the fact that there is a PRODUCT involved during the money exchange.

    Perhaps this 200 years old family of jewelers are honestly trying to leverage the networking aspects of sales, perhaps their intentions were honest at the root. But the fact of the matter is that there is a very fine line between a Ponzy scheme and a Multi-Level-Reseller scheme when upfront membership payments are mandatory to play.

    But I’m pretty sure that in this case what we got was a brainstorming session by Resa and some others on “what product could we use to elaborate our pyramid scheme ?”, and they’ve convinced themselves that jewelery sells better than Herbs, Washing Machines, Surgeon-steel Frying Pans, Blogs, Coupon booklets and so on… The rest (celebrities endorsement, magazine front pages, etc..) is all part of an elaborate marketing scheme.

    think about it !

    Even our governments (whichever it is, pick one) uses Marketing to sway public opinion… its very easy. (Here’s an exercise for you; every time you see a publicity, tell yourself its all lies and that they really mean the contrary before analysing it… you’ll be surprised at how “true” they become, its a stupid exercise, but it is the first thing they teach you in Communications at the University).

    About selling jewelry, normal retailers will sell jewels on a consignment basis, so don’t go thinking you can sell to street jewelers ! There ain’t any money there, in the end, you’ll just feel bad for all the people you brainwashed yourself when you hit the rupture point.

    Like they themselves say “Doesn’t matter if you can’t sell jewels… what matters is your membership, and those that you will bring beneath you”…

    As a business person, I also loath anybody WASTING MY TIME WITH MEETINGS. Beware of that ! Time is money… if you’re going to spend money to attend meetings out of your city (travel expenses, time wasting, etc…) then you’re definitely not generating any income. Don’t care what they say about residual income… REAL residual income is made by selling magazines, having members read your invaluable articles, selling software licenses or Internet access even… (its the difference between having a business and giving a business to someone else really).

    Finally, as a Canadian, having worked in Canada most of my life, there’s always this little alarm going off in my head when I have to deal with someone based in Toronto or Ottawa… they’re a bunch of legal crooks… the worse kind. (sorry for the generalization oh! Canada!)

    My mom also kept saying another mantra, perhaps of relevance to all this “When in doubt, throw it out”. We normally apply this to fridge content, but I found through legitimate experience that it also applies to business ideas, friends and people in general. 😉

    That’s my 2 cents. For me the decision is clear. Its a waste of money, time and effort and borderline fraudulent.

    PS: Don’t even bother flaming me mr. Luxury Consultant, I only thought it WORTH MY TIME to properly give my opinion on a matter that’s obviously getting FUDged thanks to the Internet and your brainwashed reasoning. (FUD, google that up!)

    • straight shooter says:

      My friend.You definitely need to educate yourself about the industry and the GWT product lines.I see that you are the jack of all trades and master of none.
      Just one question.If you are from the same country of the person you were referring to as being a good salesperson then you should know the proper spelling of his name which is a very common name.
      Who is Resa?

  22. Sandra says:

    Hi I was thinking of joining however I am very skeptical especially when I attended one of the session where they boasted cheques for $10,000.00 per month.

    You have to invest a lot of time and money. The only persons getting $10,000.00 per month are the founders/first level sales person. Anyone below that – zilch. And they are making that money from the lower level sales persons who pay a monthly fee depending on which consultant package you decide to go with.

    A friend of mine has been a member for 3 years, paying $75 plus taxes per month. No income so far, incurred a whole bunch of points which when you try to claim that back in products are so high, they disappear in no time.

    You have to pay to attend their seminars, you have to pay for the brochures, and the monthly maintenance fees. Just do the math. Who is benefiting the most from this?

    • straight shooter says:

      This is interesting .
      I know of people who got started less than 6 months ago in different parts of the world who have surpassed $10.000 per month.Is it because they are serious about changing their lives and work it like a business?Is it because they make no excuses and get to work?
      This is an equal opportunity and anyone who is not afraid of hard work can make it happen.Just take a look around.
      There are 3 types of people
      1) people who make things happen
      2)people who watch things happen
      3) people who wonder what the heck did just happen
      10 years later some people are still hating :)
      while this company is flourishing and changing lives globally .

  23. Mike says:

    I know the owners Brother.. He does well.. And a friend of mine wanted me to join.. these two guys are generally out and about. Yet i’ve never seen these “riches” they talk about.. Sure Reza is doing well.. but after at least 6 or more years since i was asked to join.. I haven’t seen anything which would make me believe i could pave my future. If your good friends with the owners brother.. one would think having that level of access to the “inner circle” would bring you that much more.. Apparently it doesn’t. Bottom line.. unless you have a lot of money to spend to get a little bit back.. dont bother..

    • straight shooter says:

      GWT culture= give us 100% you get back 200%
      you stop they stop
      How much did you give?
      Let me see 6 years later and you are still on the sideline:)
      I have had nothing but amazing support from the field and the corporate.
      I can only speak for myself and those in my team.
      It is still not to late.I can help you if you are serious about a change in your life

  24. Diva46 says:

    WOW! I have read all your comments and makes very interesting and at times ill informed reading so I thought I should include my 2 pence; firstly anyone considering buying into any business must consider how much time they have to invest and what they desire/want to achieve. I have been involved in many an MLM business so one might say that I AM experienced in that industry and the bottom line is this; you are buying into a Business OPPORTUNITY and so your primary objective is RECRUITMENT and MARKETING! don’t get confused! GWT just like every other MLM company out there like Partylite, Avon, Jeuenesse Global, Herbal Life, Kleeneze to name but a few, all offer the exact same opportunity….TO OWN YOUR OWN HOME RUN BUSINESS and believe it or not if you take the time and learn, develop your marketing and networking skills to expert level (which by the way takes some effort on YOUR part because remember it is your business at the end of the day), then there is no reason why you cannot operate a successful and lucrative business. GWT is not offering you a J.O.B they are offering you an investment in YOU and your abilities as an entrepreneur. If you are serious about being your own boss then a MLM is for you because it is the best place to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge you will nee, it will also teach you something about you as a business person; so STOP thinking like an employee and give yourself a chance to flex your creative leadership skills, remember it’s about recruitment and marketing; the products will sell themselves just remember, this business takes time to grow so don’t expect any overnight sensation minimum investment time in order to see lucrative returns in approx one year.
    Oh yeah! I’m a Small Business, Personal Development and Transformation Coach.

  25. Diva46 says:

    I feel I must add that so called ‘Pyramid’ companies are illegal and fraudulent and is characteristically very different from an MLM. A ‘Pyramid’ requires there only be one head/top person and all profits and leadership comes from him/her. An MLM structure is like a spiderweb matrix and at the center of the spiderweb is mainframe operations providing support and advice backed by policy, legislation and guidance on all aspects of running a business.
    Your expenses into your business is called investment which means there is some tax relief provided you declare your business with your Gov’t Dept. Any money invested in your business is subject to tax relief just be sure you keep your receipts.
    Why not check out Rober Kyosaki’s Rich Dad/Poor Dad book as well as Loral Langemeier’s The Millionaire Maker as I have no doubt you will learn something but only do it if you are serious about being an entrepreneur. Note in point: If your objective is to get rich quick then an MLM is not for you; simple!

  26. Micky says:

    It’s good for one to have beliefs, but it is also good for you to question your beliefs – that’s called critical thinking.
    Some of the comments here about MLM, GWT and so on are products of belief perseverance – not wanting change one’s beliefs (says to psychologists).
    I used to reason the same way like some of you in this forum but my few weeks experience with GWT has changed all of that. Currently, I’m studying the MLM business as a whole through intensive research and I’m enjoying my findings. Courtesy of GWT trainings and tours.
    I want to state that MLM changes your world-view. It helps you to really understand your capability. Most of us working on jobs do not really understand our worth until we venture out.
    GWT has changed my life so much. I’m impacting more on more people through training and tours. Money is not everything but the people you know matters a lot. With MLM and GWT I’ve become a different person. Thinking more about others and helping them succeed. That’s the power in the GWT binary compensation model.
    Editor, I will encourage you to try GWT with an open mind and Your Life Will Never Remain the Same Again.
    Thank you

  27. GWT Ambassador says:

    Good day everyone
    I am an Ambassador with Global Wealth Trade. I happen to come across this page and decided to read through the notes and the misrepresentations. I see that before I found this page there are other GWT LCs and clients (who have ACTUALLY dealt with GWT) that have already addressed some of the misrepresentations here but its fitting that I offer my assistance to who really wants to know about this prestigious luxury designer Global Wealth Trade Corp. I must say I am typing this with a smile on my face because it never seize to amaze me how one can negligently get behind their key board and either knowingly or by ignorance mislead people by bashing companies/people. If you want ACCURATE information, see my links below. That said, if you are curious or just want to have fun, continue reading my responses to the ignorant here.

    Let me start by placing an excerpt from one of the greatest articles on the topic that I have ever read. It’s called “The Greatness of the Internet and its Falsities”.
    “The Internet today is a way of life. It is rated the second most important invention of all time, next to the telephone. It is a tool that has changed, for the better, many aspects of our lives and in particularly business. However, much like any of the other great inventions of the past, the Internet is also being abused by some predators either for profit, to pass time, for pleasure or simply for influence. By far the most negative aspect of the Internet is slander and defamatory comments against companies and individuals. You cannot get away from it, just Google any company you want with the word “scam” or “complaint” next to it and what you will get are 50 pages of negativity that pop up. I.e. General Motor’s scam/complaint, TELUS scam/complaint, Rogers’s scam/complaint, franchising scam/complaint, home business scam/complaint, police scam/complaint, government scam/complaint etc. Direct sales is no different, you can Google any company including multi-billion dollar, more than 40 year old successful international companies like AMWAY, NUSKIN, HERBALIFE, MARY KAY, AVON etc with scam/complaint next to it and you will find hundreds of pages of negativity with much of it being inaccurate information. The good news is the laws and the companies are getting more and more restrict on slanders and more and more prosecutions and defamation lawsuits are taking place to protect the reputation of the victims”.

    This forum is an interesting one because it started with a false and uninformed opinion of a local citizen (NOT MEDIA) who has NEVER EVEN WORKED with GWT who ranted in the gossip column of the local newspaper “opinion section” where citizens can rant about anything and anyone. A few picked up on that rant here as if it was news. Of course this opinion on Today newspaper in the island of St Maarten was written over 4 years ago and the fact that almost 5 years later Global Wealth trade still has an office in St Maarten and doing business is a testament that every thing in that article starting with ‘saturation” is a MYTH. Before I address some of the rather ignorant and misleading comments by the few, let me offer this assistance to whom seeking REAL and ACCURATE information on Global Wealth Trade Corp, which is Canada’s LARGEST AND THE MOST RESPECTED LUXURY DESIGNER FASHION HOUSE currently serving clients in 86 countries around the world. To start with if you want to get accurate information about any company go to “credible media reports” and not reading a bored persons opinion in a local newspaper in an small island where journalistic ethical practices are none existence. In any other country this opinion would have been rejected for print because it is misleading and baseless in its content. I would suggest if you want media perspective on the world’s fastest growing luxury designer Global Wealth Trade, you should click on the links below and read the articles in the American Business Journal (USA) where GWT Corp is featured on the cover with Billionaire Warren Buffet. These links will give you the true picture on this prestigious international company from the most credible international business publications and not a local newspaper “opinion section” rants. I am sure I don’t have to make this point but I will that these links I have provided are NOT ADS and cannot be bought, they are reports on emerging companies competing for the world supremacy. Internationally distributed and highly regarded publications like Canadian Business Journal (Canada), Canadian Jewelers magazine (Canada), Viva international (USA), (Netherlands), Regards Designer Magazine (USA) and dozens more distinguished news platforms are raving about the success of this Canadian Luxury designer and its exclusive designer lines and revolutionary business model. Today GWT is the world’s fastest expanding Direct Sales Company and the world’s fastest growing luxury designer since 2008. The global recognition is the reason why the Founder and CEO of Global Wealth Trade was nominated for “Entrepreneur Of The Year” in 2014 by the most globally respected firm “Ernst & Young”.

    Enjoy these Links and let me address some of the comments here just to lend some level of intelligence to this discussion by exposing how negligent and baseless few of the comments on this forum are. Frankly the company didn’t care to comment on the silliness of the few individuals here as they proudly sport an A+ BBB business rating (Best you can achieve) after 10 years of business. However as a top level LC whose life has been completely transformed because of this business, helped me to quit my job and allowed me to help thousands in my team to enhance their lives globally for the past 9 years, I felt the need to shed some light and expose the few here who either for personal gain or ignorance decided to write myth and mislead the readers.

    See links for some great media articles about Global Wealth Trade.

    Cover feature – American Business Journal with Warren Buffet

    Canadian Business Journal

    Canadian Jewellers magazine

    Viva International – 2011 Luxury designer Of The Year USA (LINK)

    Viva International – 2013 Handbag of the year (LINK) – Global Wealth Trade – Ramin Mesgarlou – AKA THE FORESIC NETWORKER

    GWT highlighting the Caribbean entrepreneurs on the world stage

    GWT highlighting the African entrepreneurs on the world stage

    MY responses to each uninformed individual here ..

    GWT Corp is a manufacturer and designer and only attends major events like TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), Grammys, Oscars, Emmys etc. GWT does NOT “go in to countries and start hype”. This is not their job or function. GWT Corp operates in 86 countries because it’s the entrepreneurs that approach the company and launch their GWT Virtual Designer Malls in their respective markets, which in your case is Dominica. Since Dominica is an island I personally work with closely, I am here to tell you that Dominica was started by LCs in St Lucia about a year ago (NOT THE COMPANY) and the LCs in Dominica are still active and growing fast, in fact most months Dominica even shows up on the GWT global top 10 markets because they are doing extremely well. We need to be responsible Florie when we get behind the keyboard and type or you will look like a fool. If owning a business is not for you, so be it, perhaps JOB for the rest of your life is your calling however trying to discourage people from making a positive change in their lives is not right and it will only have you isolated from your friends and family.

    LOL, I have to start this response by saying the content of your note doesn’t fit the name you chose for this blog. Honestly your comments are not worthy of a response but I will because if I don’t, you will think that you are right.
    First we do not market to our ” employees”, I am assuming you meant our “independent” Luxury Consultants. Second you just bashed every designer who does fashion shows annually to display their new line up with your idiotic comment. I think billion dollar international companies know their business better than you so yes runway shows are done with fast beat music. As far as ‘flawed misunderstanding of inflation’ perhaps you want to do some research before you comment so you won’t get corrected PUBLICALLY. Fashion is 1.2 TRILLION dollar industry. Luxury designers like FERI, Gucci, LV, Versace, Cartier etc have NEVER had a down year during recession in fact luxury is one of the few RECESSION PROOF industries for the past century. Check the stats and you will see why GWT keeps creating wealth in every country from Caribbean to Africa to Europe and North America. No matter what country you go to, there are luxury stores that do extremely well because luxury market is growing by an average of 8% annually for the past century. GWT happens to be the fastest luxury designer in the world. See our growth to the rest of the designers according to global watchdog media Bloomberg.

    Industry news. Who is the fastest growing luxury designer in the world? FERI Fashion House with 300% + growth every year. Burberry is the fastest growing in the current benchmarks with 42% growth last year.
    FERI is moving up fast, real fast and that is because FERI Fashion House is all these companies combined. Cartier makes luxury jewels, we create the world’s benchmark FERI MOSH, LV/Gucci make leather goods, we create FERI Prestige and day2day collections, Rolex makes fine timepieces, FERI makes fine timepieces. Hermes makes exotic bags for a super exclusive super rich market, FERI MOSH makes super exclusive, super exotic hand bags and opulence footwear for the same market.
    FERI Fashion House is the only luxury designer strong in all areas where the current multi-BILLION dollar benchmarks specialize in a few. 
The feature couldn’t look brighter for our FERI. Enjoy the article.
To The Billion. 
Ramin Mesgarlou
Less Is More as Vuitton Stays Top Luxury Brand in Ranking;
    The value of the top 10 luxury-goods brands surged 16 percent to $111 billion as companies from LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (MC) to Burberry Group Plc (BRBY) made exclusivity a priority over ubiquity, research company Millward Brown said in the 2014 BrandZ study published today.
    The Louis Vuitton leather-product label’s value jumped 14 percent to $25.9 billion, placing LVMH’s biggest and most profitable brand atop the luxury ranking for the ninth straight year. Hermes, the French maker of Birkin bags that’s part-owned by LVMH, also rose 14 percent to place second at $21.8 billion. Kering SA (KER)’s Gucci, a direct competitor to Vuitton, gained 27 percent to $16.1 billion was third on the list.
    Clothing brand Prada (1913), watchmaker Rolex, jewelry producer Cartier, and fashion labels Chanel and Burberry placed fourth to eighth in the luxury list, respectively. Burberry’s value surged 42 percent to $5.9 billion, the fastest growth in the segment, as the London-based company halted some promotions on rainwear and leather goods, Millward Brown said.

    This is actually the first intelligent question I have seen here. Why MLM? Our CEO explains this often because he receives weekly offers from major chains like JC Penny, US Shopping Channel, Luxury malls like Holts Renfrew to sell FERI in those chain stores but our CEO rejects them all. He kept the exclusivity and the profits of this monumental, trillion dollar and growing industry for the global entrepreneurs and not corporations. There is another compelling reason our CEO explains, and that is Direct Sales is the fastest way to go global utilizing the Internet and the results are clear. GWT Corp has been and is the fastest growing luxury designer since 2008 and today operating in 86 countries. Had we started retail like our competitors, it would take us over a century to do the same. Louis Vuitton started in 1850’s, Gucci in 1921, Cartier in 1890’s, Tiffany in 1890’s, etc, GWT launched in 2005. Today most of the billion dollar companies utilize the word of mouth and internet to go global instantly so instead of going to malls and open a few galleries a year, our CEO revolutionized the designer world and invested millions in what is called VDM (Virtual Designer mall) loaded with tens of millions of dollars of the fastest growing luxury goods and jewels on the planet. In just short 9 years, GWT now has 30,000 VDMs buying and selling where after 100+ years Tiffany, Cartier, Gucci etc all have less than 500 stores each globally. This is the reason the biggest billionaires in the world like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, even President Bill Clinton all highly endorse direct sales/MLM. In fact Warren Buffet owns 7 MLM companies and he says it’s the best investment he has ever made yet a few broke people here bash the industry. Can you see why you are struggling financially? If you thought like the rich and successful, you would be one as well.
    As far as “If FERI is that great” comment, you faltered with this comment but I will let you off the hook. Just go and look at our global accolades by the top industry internationally recognized trade media and you will find that it wasn’t GWT that declared its luxury goods to be the best or amongst the best in the world, it was the fashion and jewellery experts. This is why FERI Fashion House is already Hollywood’s celebrity designer line with over 200 celebrities and dignitary clients. Oh by the way, did I mention that 4 country Presidents and Princesses received FERI MOSH instead of their customary Cartier and FERI President luxury time pieces ($140,000) instead of their customary $10,000 Rolex from their government over the past 2 years? Why is that?


    I couldn’t wait to get to you lol, I am going to have fun with you. First let me quote you because this is getting more and more fun ☺)

    You actually wrote “No one who knows as much as I do about Fashion and jewellery would waste their money on GWT’s products, their products are equivalent to cheap knock offs” – remember this comment, now let your embarrassment begin.

    Where do I start, to me you sound like an uninformed and totally frustrated employee of a local jewellery store trying to bash the top brand in your island. At least do a Google search to see what GWT actually sells before you come to this page and show people what a NO LOAD you actually are. You made so many misrepresentations that I have to respond in point form;

    1- You wrote – “FERI watches come with cheap Japan movements and not Swiss movements”.
    FERI has introduced 53 designs of Time Pieces to date and ALL OF THEM with the exception of 4 come with premium Swiss movements. The 4 that do not are premium Chronograph movements from Japan that happen to be the same movement that powers Seiko watches. Perhaps you don’t travel or know but Japan is the most expensive, most quality conscious country in the world (Sony, Lexus, Infinity, Seiko etc) so tell me since when Japan made stuff is “cheap”? You are mistaking Japan with the knock off Gucci watch you are wearing that comes with a Chinese or Indian movement. You messed up bad on this point but it actually gets worse, keep reading lol.

    2- You wrote “FERI watches come with cheap Plastic or Glass crystal face and not Sapphire Crystal like all the great watches”

    Again ALL FERI Time pieces come with Sapphire crystal “ALL”. Its one thing not knowing but to get public and try to act like you do and say things that are completely inaccurate and deliberately misleading people is wanton and you deserve to get crushed. It will be my pleasure to do just that.

    3- We don’t use “fake diamonds” like you wrote, we use AAA Hinge cut (not that you understand what that is) Cubic Zirconia. But of course if you have expensive taste, you can always sell your dad’s home and buy a FERI President for $140,000 which is rated TOP 10 Luxury Time Piece of time (Google it) with 339 of the finest calibrated and specially cut VVS Diamonds set on ¼ kilo of GWT exclusive 19K gold composition. See TV commercial link.

    4- It gets worse for you Mandrake and I am sure FERI VIP clients are having an amazing laugh on your expense. You wrote
    “Since when dose (I assume you meant does) a $700 ring have fake diamonds in them and only 9K Gold”.
    Again if reading is too much of a chore for you, you should have at least watched GWT award winning videos to save yourself this embarrassment. We don’t and never have made 9K gold. In fact we never made 10K or even 14K gold. We used to make 18 K and Platinum jewellery, which we stopped in 2008. We stopped because we created the world’s first and only 19 K and 21 K gold composition that are exclusive only to GWT Corp. In fact our slogan is “when the world’s luxury jewelry stops at 18K, FERI MOSH starts at 19K and finishes with 21K” feat never done before in 6000 years of jewellery making. Now before you make another blunder and say there is 24 K jewellery out there, let me save you that embarrassment. GWT heritage in jewellery dates back to 1880’s and they are the authority in jewellery hence they made the world’s first diamond jewelry that goes beyond 18K. In the middle east you will find 22 K chains, in fact I am wearing one but NO ONE can set stones in that purity because it is too soft and you will lose diamonds hence GWT is the first manufacture with expertise in metallurgy (Google it) to be able to create a high karat gold composition that holds stones. I cannot imagine why someone places themselves so exposed by making up stuff like “9 K” other than you are one of the stores on front street in St Maarten that is going out of business (because you sell junk) but you blame FERI for it. I do have great news for you and that is you don’t have to worry about GWT taking away your clients because NOTHING you sell GWT makes and markets and NOTHING GWT sells you carry because GWT doesn’t make junk. See link for the award winning short documentary “Modern Legend” which is the story of our prestige gold collection to see what GWT makes and why they are RATED #1 luxury jewels in the world.

    5- OHHH this next one is the highlight and my personal favorite lol.
    I have to quote you to make sure you don’t say we misquote you. You wrote …” Now lets compare Feri suits with Armani , Armani suits are 100% wool and have 100% silk inner lining and the material is thick and durable
Feri suits are blended with polyester and the material is so thin and Cheap it rips easy”.

    Lool, FERI clients are on the floor laughing their guts out now. FERI has NOT and does NOT sell apparel, in fact if you found a FERI suit anywhere from GWT, no matter how bad, I will pay you $10,000 for it because it is a collector that will be worth millions. GWT has never produced clothing in their history EVER … they will in the future but not until now. so I have to ask. If you are not being wanton (Google it), than you must be off your medication because you are hallucinating things that doesn’t exist. I guess you solidified the level of intelligence on this group.

    6- It actually gets better … lol
    YOU wrote, “I had someone take the Feri $60,000 watch to jeweller , to appraise it , and it was appraised at less then a thousand”.

    Not that we didn’t know already, but you just sealed it that you are a pathological liar. The only FERI Time Pieces that are at that level are the FERI President Time Pieces. They are all numbered and there are only FOUR (4) in circulation on 4 country president’s wrists. So not only you never had one, saw one, seen one, you obviously have no clue of the precious industry is REGULATED. FERI “Almas” timepieces like the President, are constructed with GWT exclusive 19K gold composition and VVS calibrated diamonds. All GWT gold pieces are sent to the world’s largest lab IGI (Google it) for “independent” evaluation and certification so jack wagans you couldn’t look more stupid at this moment. Perhaps the FERI President you had was from the same company that made FERI suits … lol. It’s never safe to bash the world supreme luxury brand especially for someone so uninformed and ignorant like you. Again see link for the award winning short documentary “Modern Legend” which is the story of our prestige gold collection.

    7- You wrote “I also find it funny that Feri’s Logo is very similar to Swarovski’s” ☺)
    Really ?? The only comment I can make here is that lucky for you FERI makes the world best optical frames because you need one badly. How on earth does FERI’s swan look like Swaroski? So did Hyundai copy Honda because they both use “H” in their logo? How about Guess and Gucci? Dozens of companies use swan as their logo because it represents all the great things to every culture hence it is commonly used. So Mandrake I have to do this comment again because its too much fun so here it is… you wrote
    “No one who knows as much as I do about Fashion and jewellery would waste their money on GWT’s products” ….

    Lol Mandrake, if this representation of yourself isn’t your lowest point of your life than I pity you. That said I want to thank you for making my job so easy because everything you wrote was a fabrication and I am sure by now the readers have made up their mind on the level of intelligence on this little group, next..

    Obviously by now you know that FERI Fashion House has a vast line up of luxury goods and jewels some 1400 SKUs in three distinct categories, which is the highest in the designer world.
    1- POSH – fashion jewelry – up to $100
    2- FERI fine Silver, which is now being replaced and upgraded to FERI exclusive Siledium 950. But even our 925 fine silver was the world’s benchmark for Silver jewellery and came with state of art German technology natural Rhodium plating with exclusively cut AAA Zirconia or Hinge cut stones. Did I mention that Tiffany 925 Silver that costs the same as FERI has neither plating nor stones? Hollywood red carpets are dominated by FERI for its quality and glamour. See Emmy award by FERI link.
    3- FERI hand bags $200 – $5000
    4- FERI Time Pieces $600 – $140,000
    5- FERI MOSH Prestige gold collection $7000 – $750,000+
    6- FERI MOSH Exotics hand bags and Opulent wear $2000 – $12,000.Etc etc.
    You saw what your friend who is a GWT LC ordered. If you like the more expensive pieces you have over 1400 luxury SKUs to choose from. It seems that your friend is quiet happy to be part of this exclusive luxury club. Enjoy the Emmy awards link below where FERI mesmerized the celebs as usual in Beverly Hills.

    Mandrake, you again….. lol, as I go down the notes I noticed you are still taking .. :)
    You never seize to amaze me .. this last comment clearly shows you never even seen a FERI fine Sterling piece. Some of our Silver pieces go as high as 20 grams, necklaces 400 grams+. Where do you come up with this stuff? Lol. Like I said you sound more and more like a hurting starving Main street retailer hating the talk of the town brand.

    Don’t look at this forum for objectivity; it’s a retired person writing stuff. Go to our media page and read REAL MEDIA and read/watch the credibility. That said if you are not ready to run a business DON’T start one with GWT or any other company. The difference between GWT and other companies is that we tell you it’s a real business that require you to get TRAINED and put in EFFORT. Its not a lottery, if you want to double, triple or more your income, you need to get in our training system and change your prospective of life because we all know rich people think differently than the masses. If you are ready GWT is the world’s premier company to earn massive income and most of all grow as a person. If you are not ready to make these changes, don’t even start because we don’t want someone to “buy in” thinking its easy and two months later say “I tried and it didn’t work”. This is not a TRY game, it’s a business and it takes time and skills that you must earn through the GWT’s extensive trainings.

    Simon: At least you kept it short with your baseless and brainless comment. For that I won’t crucify you like I did Mandrake.

    Joy Anne
    Let me place you at ease. We are familiar with the site you are talking about because obviously we Google too. I cannot comment on the witchcraft stuff but in GWT, FERI is a short form of a family name “Feraydoon” which is a Persian name. Similarly MOSH is a short form of Moshveghi. In 2005 the CEO took a family names that had the long jewelry heritage and short formed it in to “FERI MOSH”. GWT has over 200 pastors, Rabbis and Imams in the business so it has nothing to do with that site. Now you know.

    About to join;
    2 points
    1- DO NOT LAUNCH your GWT VDM, take your $196 and buy lottery with it. We don’t want people in GWT who think GWT is a ride to catch now and who cares about the others later. Not only you have zero concept of GWT, you have zero concept of MLM. No company in the history of the world including AMWAY and AVON each with 6 million distributors and over 50 years in MLM have saturated a city let alone world. There are 5000 MLM companies operating today and combined they have a work force of 94 million, which is less than 1% of the world’s population. You people that think GWT will be the first MLM company to saturate the world are giving GWT way too much credit. GWT is a special company and its performance stats are way above the industry averages and I am sure this is one comment that the Founder of GWT would hope it comes true but of course it won’t and it CAN’T because mathematically its impossible. The world’s population is expanding 100 times faster than MLM population so everyday MLM is falling behind in that pace.

    Glow colouir
    Two points:
    1- You are not objective at all and you are being inaccurate. You wrote “all had to be sent back for repair”. “ALL” really??? You were with GWT for 4 years “all” ?? are you sure? Why exaggerate? Just because you moved on to another company? Let me put out a couple of challenges to you since you decided to comment here with inaccurate information.

    Challenge 1:Send the company your ID number and they will look at your file and report back the truth, which is how many pieces, you actually ordered and how many was sent back for repair. I can GUARANTEE you without knowing your case it is less than 2% of what you ordered in total. How do I know that? Because GWT has sold over 360,000 pieces and over the past 9 years they have a 1% return ratio (industry acceptable percentage is 4%). So they are 25% of what the acceptable percentage of return. For this reason they offer the world best warranty for all their products, which you confirmed in your note. Did you know Tiffany offers NO WARRANTY on their Silver line that cost the same as FERI?
    Challenge 2: Here is your second challenge and I know you will run fast on this one. Your tone suggests that you are unhappy with your world’ luxury benchmark 19K FERI MOSH. Really? FERI MOSH club is a super exclusive club and lets take your word that you are lucky enough to actually have one of these rare masterpieces. I know for a fact that if the CEO were to see your note, he would demand his FERI MOSH back for a FULL REFUND, even after 4 years of use. If you mean what you wrote here, send the company a note and they will take back their FERI MOSH immediately and remove you for the FERI MOSH keepers club. The 250+ very fortunate vey lucky FERI MOSH VIP club members feel highly privileged to own this world’ bench mark jewel. Send it back Glow Colour, and get a FULL REFUND on your FERI MOSH. Point made, show me another company you can buy your gold jewellery and they will take it back after 4 years of use 100% refund (not exchange). GWT you ROCK and you WIN every time with your confidence and strength.
    Challenge 3: $25,000? Really? Lets calculate, if you launched with the Diamond VDM $3100 (which is the most expensive package) and you add the maximum monthly IA of $150 (which is 100% voluntary to do), so that is another $7200 for the 4 full years for a total of $10,300. Where is the $25,000? Why exaggerate? For the $10,300 and lets assume you made ZERO money which is impossible unless you talked to no one but lets assume, you received over $40,000 in retail value in products. Spend $10,000 and receive $40,000 in products, my arithmetic works very well in your case, you did very well young lady. In any other company your $10,300 in products would have expired or consumed SO your investment would be 100% LOST. 4 years later, you are holding and sporting a FERI MOSH and I am sure many other great FERI designer goods and will do for the rest of your life. Remind me what was your negative experience again??

    Take my challenge Glow colouir and send the company a ticket and send back your FERI MOSH, I know you wouldn’t because this is the only opportunity you will ever have to own piece of history. Before I let you go I have to address the “I then purchased a 10K gold chain for $129 from a local jewellery store and it is beautiful” is as ridiculous of a comment as Mandrake’s FERI suit comment. Your point is that your FERI plating on its Silver jewels changed (which all plating do no matter what specially if abused) and trying to compare it to your gold chain that didn’t change color … WOW, of course gold doesn’t change color because IT CAN’T, because gold is its natural color and not plated. Not sure what point you were trying to make there. Let me ask you, did your 19K FERI MOSH ring changed color? Made my point.

    A concerned fish
    Thank you for the entertainment lol,
    First of all, motivating and inspiring people to dream is a positive attribute that the world needs more off. Reza (not Resa) does motivate and inspire people and this is why he is a multi millionaire after just 9 years with GWT. The more people you inspire to become more and earn more, the more you earn, and that’s the trick in MLM. IN GWT we have a culture of
    “help enough people to get what they want – you will get what you want”.
    So yes Reza won’t apologies for helping people to dream again to become more and be able to earn more. Thousands of LCs in his team are making weekly incomes regularly and some like Ambassador Rene Liaw make millions and even more than him monthly. So somehow you trying to say being a great motivator is a negative thing, would you prefer pity parties as a few people have here? Is that constructive? Or a multimillionaire taking his time to speak to you and share with you what makes him over $50,000 per month? Perhaps you rather speak to broke negative people so GWT is definitely not for you. There is too much to correct here in your rant so I will get to a few of them.

    You wrote” wouldn’t you rather be selling million-dollars contracts for legitimate businesses rather than 20$ trinkets and 1000$ memberships ?.
    NO we don’t fish, because masses are not like you “Real sales person” and GWT is not designed for ‘sales people”. It’s designed for the average person with little to no experience in sales to be able to earn income and have full control on how much they can earn.

    You wrote “A real salesmen makes 10k+ per month in commissions only… (in North America, and usually within the first 3 months) You must find it odd that you need to work your way up for 6 months to 8 years in order to reach the 10k club? No ?”

    Again you say real sales men, which does not apply to 95% of the population. In GWT we have 10K club members who have got there in less than 12 months, in fact vast majority of our current 10k members ($10,000/month income) got there within 24 months. We have even created millionaires within 27 months but even if it takes 8 years of part time effort to build an income that only1% of the population will ever see, it’s a great deal. The alternative is 40 hours for 40 years and retiring broke. Fish your problem is that you think everyone is a sales person but they are not and fortunately MLM is not designed with “real sales people” in mind, its designed for the average person.

    2- You wrote “Saturation aside”,
    Saturation is a MYTH and as a “sales man” you should already know that. Not only you have zero concept of GWT, you have zero concept of MLM. NO company in the history of the world including AMWAY and AVON each with 6 million distributors and over 50 years in MLM have saturated a city let alone world. There are 5000 MLM companies operating today and combined they have a work force of 94 million, which is less than 1% of the world’s population. You people that think GWT will be the first MLM company to saturate the world are giving GWT way too much credit to be the first company to do that in 70 years of the industry history. I am sure this is one comment that the Founder and GWT would hope it comes true but of course it won’t and it cant because it is mathematically impossible. The world’s population is expanding 100 times faster than MLM population so everyday MLM population is falling behind more and more in that pace.

    You wrote: “Zirconias are worth PENNIES”…,
    Again if you are “mineralogist” (not mineroligist ), you should know that Zirconia is the same as any other material and has its grades just like Diamonds, steel, gold etc. There are some inexpensive CZ and there are some VERYYYYYY expensive CZ like Hinge cut AAA stones that by the way only 2 factories in the entire world make.

    Sorry to say that I am starting to lose my patients with you morons. Before you expose yourself this badly, do some research first. “tungsten plated with 19/21K silver or gold” ?? Really?? lol.

    Corrections again.. yes we do have plated Silver, Tungsten and Plangsten jewels that are plated with Rhodium and Gold, they are not 19 or 21 K. They are actually 22K gold plating. The 19K and 21K you are trying to refer to, is GWT’s prestigious FERI MOSH gold collection which is the world luxury benchmark of GOLD jewellery. I am not going to educate you here, just watch this award-winning documentary on the FERI MOSH line up.

    It gets worse Fish … lol …. Specially for self proclaimed “mineralogist (not mineroligist)”
    You wrote “Finally, anybody who seriously dealt with jewelry in the past knows there is a big worldwide monopoly on diamonds by a very famous family which I won’t name. (do your research). I seriously doubt they would “grant” permission to these guys to use their diamonds.”

    DeBeers is the name you are trying to hide. “grant permissions”, first of all its not GWT diamonds, its diamonds bought from Russia, Israel, Europe, (the best quality markets) which some or most of it probably came from DeBeers line up since they control 55% of the world’s diamonds. What is your point? Oh you don’t have one.

    “You wrote “After all, “a diamond is for life” ! A zirconia on the the other hand meeey, is not worth getting robbed in the street for… ya know ? (I live in a dangerous country where people get kidnapped for 300$ ransoms… I don’t even wear my wedding band in public)”

    What does “meeey” mean ???? what is your point? I am getting confused … if you want diamond jewellery buy FERI MOSH jewels ..

    You wrote “herbalife is approximately on the same price-level as GWT (GWN? EmpowerNetwork?… there are in fact MANY more on the same price-level, selling the same stuff in some cases)”

    Herbal life and Empower sell the same stuff??? My lord.. Since when health and nutrition and Internet blogging tools is the same as luxury goods and jewels?

    You wrote “But I’m pretty sure that in this case what we got was a brainstorming session by Resa (Reza) and some others on “what product could we use to elaborate our pyramid scheme?”, and they’ve convinced themselves that jewelery sells better than Herbs, Washing Machines, Surgeon-steel Frying Pans, Blogs, Coupon booklets and so on… The rest (celebrities endorsement, magazine front pages, etc..) is all part of an elaborate marketing scheme.think about it !”

    Lol it keeps getting better and better. I knew I was part of a very powerful company but I had no idea how powerful GWT was until I saw this page …. For a guy who quotes Wikipedia, you should know that MLM is over 70 years old and 100% legal and there are 5 distinct differences between Ponzi schemes and legal MLM companies but I am not going to educate you on that. I will say this that you SUN BLOCKS (CEO terminology for broke and negative people) are way too kind to GWT and giving it way too much credit. I had no idea how powerful GWT was until I saw this page. First you say GWT will be the very first MLM company in history to saturate the world, and now you say GWT has the entire Hollywood and main stream media involved in this scheme .. wowwww, GWT you ROCK lol

    You wrote: “Here’s an exercise for you; every time you see a publicity, tell yourself its all lies and that they really mean the contrary before analysing it… you’ll be surprised at how “true” they become, its a stupid exercise, but it is the first thing they teach you in Communications at the University”.

    Fish why don’t you try that exercise with your attitude and opinions on MLM?

    You wrote: “About selling jewelry, normal retailers will sell jewels on a consignment basis, so don’t go thinking you can sell to street jewelers ! There ain’t any money there, in the end, you’ll just feel bad for all the people you brainwashed yourself when you hit the rupture point.” ,

    News flash fish, not only we don’t promote selling to local jewelers, its against the company policy and merit for instant termination …where do you come up with this stuff Fish??

    You wrote “REAL residual income is made by selling magazines, having members read your invaluable articles”

    Really? So that’s how you make residual income ha? I guess you are also an MLM expert … sell magazines??. So if GWT got out of Luxury world and became a print shop you would be in ha? … too funny.

    You wrote, “I have to deal with someone based in Toronto or Ottawa… they’re a bunch of legal crooks… the worse kind”.

    Hmmm now you insult 6 million Canadians/Ontarions and call them crooks because they live in Ottawa or Toronto. There is no way to put this diplomatically fish so on behalf of my fellow Canadians … off. Glad we were able to make you enough money in Toronto and ship you out to your crime infested land (as you put it) and live there in fear.

    Fish thank you for your two cents (as you put it) but I am here to tell you it wasn’t worth 2 cents. You said your piece and I guess this is the downfall of Internet that every ignorant person like you can say anything they want. People like you are the best defenders of GWT because you shatter every piece of credibility this forum may have had with your baseless nonsense. I guess you learned nothing from your wise mother.

    Darling do your research before you comment please. This bid that only the founders make money is just inaccurate. I can literally give you 100’s of examples where people who launched their GWT VDM in 2005-2006 etc are making less money than LCs who launched over the past 12 months in GWT. The GWT business has never been so amazing as it is now and it keeps getting better and easier year after year. In fact here is the time line of our current top level LCs. One Ambassador from Canada launched in 2005, one Ambassador from Taiwan launched in 2007, one Ambassador from USA launched her VDM in 2007, one Ambassador from Canada launched in 2008, one Ambassador from USA launched in 2008, another Ambassador from Canada launched in 2009, the last two Ambassadors launched in 2013 from Nigeria. As you can see there are no common denominators on when they launched their Virtual Designer Malls nor does geography plays any role.

    Lastly your friend who is a GWT LC does not “pay” $75 per month. She purchases by choice (not mandatory) $75 in IA points probably because she is saving for her dream item like a layaway plan in stores.

    You want to see riches go to our FB page and you will see riches. We are creating millionaires in less than 27 months. Don’t make your decision on the owners brother or his friend, look at the entire business. Most importantly there are things that even the most skeptical person cannot deny because it is common knowledge and documented and that is GWT’s performance stats compare to DSA averages. GWT personal performance stats surpass DSA averages by a whopping 500% + which is the reason for all its global accolades in Direct Sales. Does that mean that everyone will automatically get rich? Of course not much like if I place you in a Lamborghini LP 560 (which GWT gives away as part of our Exotic club), you still have to drive it to benefit from its attributes and benefits. You can buy a 2 million dollar McDonalds franchise and if you don’t open the doors daily you won’t make any money. GWT business is the same and it will pay back based on your skill set and efforts. You shouldn’t be looking at other people’s richness, look at your personal situation and how much did your financial situation has change over the past 4 years when you first heard about GWT. It’s a guarantee that the next 4 years will be the same Mike so don’t waist the next 4 years and launch your VDM now.

    • Mandrake says:

      I seen your cheap ear rings lol . and your cheap rings ,

      My Grandmother was a certified Gemologist and jeweller . I spent a lot of time learning from her , I can tell the difference between a cheap $25 knock off and the real thing .

      I have seen your 60k watch its a quartz watch . If I am going to pay 60K for a watch it had better have at least 21 jewels a sapphire crystal real gold parts and 24K gold . with Real Diamonds not glass.

      I own Patek Philippe , Hublot and Franck Muller watches , Don’t think GTW has anything that compares to my collection , and I am sure your jewelry doesn’t compare to anything I own .

      Want to prove me wrong about your product line , name a day bring your best line and we will both meet with a Jeweller of my choice . Conditions do apply .

      The guy who tried to get me into GWT said with in a year he would be making over 3,000 a month . Hes still living in a boarding house , and the guy he helped build his business is the one making money off his efforts .

      To your representative should have had the smarts to Have one of your millionaires show me your business plan . You don’t offer someone a million dollar business opertuinty to someone who is , well to do for without bringing a top earner with you .

      I told your recruit to prove the business model is a capital gains opertuinty and I would be the top product mover .

      I would be more then happy to show you my watch collection , only thing of value your representative showed me was his own watch that was a known brand name . I am a watch collector and would of bought your 60K watch if it was everything a 60 watch should be , and I would of joined the business and sold 10 of them with in 2 days

      Quartz movement lol
      Most I would pay for a quartz watch is maybe 100CND . But I am a arrogant rich prick so I wouldn’t buy any thing that was quartz and I have wouldn’t ever buy a watch that’s worth less then a few T bills .

      What your doing may not be illegal but its immoral , I can edit a photo of some of my friends into what ever back ground I want .

      Like I said show me what you got cause the 60k watch your reprehensive showed me was not worth close to that.

      Quartz japan movement , lol

  28. Basil says:

    One just have be careful with investments promises by these websites. I am now involved in personal development websites that also generate income. You can have more insights at

  29. youguysareignorant says:

    Everyone for GWT is so ignorant. If you want to make money GO TO SCHOOL. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. How can someone even compare “FERI” to Chanel or any other high end brand? Do we see the “Ambassador” of any of these companies finding themselves on articles where they need to defend their products and insult people? Does Chanel even need to advertise? lol. no. This is a scam and anyone who joins is a person with little money who has the hopes that they will someday make money from this. And all the people high up in the company are criminals and rob time and money from ignorant uneducated people who don’t know any better. Get an education people and forget this stupidity. If it was that easy to make money from this, people would be greedy and keep it to themselves. Instead, they try to con people in to make up for the money they are losing.

    • Mandrake says:

      Got that right , and if everyone was doing it then the market would be saturated and there would be no money in it because of it . the people at the top would still be the ones making the money , and once the plane crashes the owners would get out and start another scam.

      I would not share my secretes of how to make money in my business to anyone , nor would I let some noob have the contact info of people I am associated with unless I seen a legitimate business that was profitable .

      This Ambassador for GWT bashes me because he knows I speak the truth and have seen their products . If their products were up to my standards I would be their top seller , and wouldn’t let anyone elts in on it .

  30. Mandrake says:

    One more thing Ambassador ; You ever heard of type “0”s

    I don’t need a lecture from you on gold .

    Ever hear of Ruf , Gaff , or RR, Lexus is not even in the same league as the CTR3 or 9ff .

    Since when is Sekio comparable to fine Swiss brands like Hulbut or Ulysse Nardin . FYI I wouldn’t wear Gucci as to many people wear knock offs , so don’t accuse me of saying I don’t know what I am talking about while doing the same thing . You have no clue how big my bank roll is . (want to compare bank statements ? ).

    You also made the mistake of putting words in my mouth and twisting what I said like Nancy Grace on steroids . I stated what I expect to see in a watch not what your stuff is .
    Cubic Zirconia is not a real diamond nor is it a gem .

    24k gold rings are plated with platinum where the ” Real naturel gems are sitting” for the basic reason you mentioned … Guess you forgot to mention that ( another twist on my words hummm).

    And I know all about 22k gold so don’t lecture me on that one , its most common in India .

    The Best sliver is 999. like the pentagram I have ( its not worn as jewelry it has religious purposes ). lol

    I can be an arrogant prick if I want to be , and personally I don’t care what you think , you don’t know me nor anything about me so don’t pretend to .

    I can only go by what I have seen , someone in GWT tried to tell me the watch they showed me was worth 60K , so if it wasn’t your 60k watch then the person deceived me .

    also You don’t send a janitor to meet with a wealthy investor , your IBO should of had someone who has made the so called millions , to show me your best stuff and tell me about your business. I found it very disrespectful and unprofessional of him not to have .

    Personally I don’t think your high end products exist as you know as well as I do , a lot of people cant afford it .

    If you don’t believe me take up my challenge see my cloths jewelry and other toys for yourself . And lets see what you got .

    I was only interested in your scam as I am open to investing in ventures that are profitable .

    Funny you say this

    ” He receives weekly offers from major chains like JC Penny, US Shopping Channel, Luxury malls like Holts Renfrew to sell FERI in those chain stores but our CEO rejects them all ”

    Why wouldn’t you go on HSC or QVC , ?

    Most retailers sell online now , Your excuse for turning down offers dose not hold water ,

    If one of the business I have invested in turned down a lucrative offer I would either sell my shares or buy them out.

    I believe in positive change for positive results , believe in self empowerment and living a richer fuller life . it angers when people use positive empowerment for the purpose of deceiving people .

  31. Nguyen says:

    There is a difference of dreaming big and being stupid. Only morons believe this company. GWT just came out of nowhere and wants to compete with brand-name companies that has developed decades ago to be where they are today. This GWT has unknown products try to compete with well known products. Thats ridiculous !

  32. just me says:

    I was given a feri pendant as a gift it came without a chain which to me is stupid. I would never purchase these items separately
    . Out of curiosity I looked to see if it was stamped and found it markef 925 although its pretty I don’t much care for cubic zirconias in whats supposed to be “good” jewelry. I would consider this comparable with most of the costume jewlery I have.

  33. Investor says:

    GWT Ambassador, any chance you can shed some light on my questions. A lot of GWT media is on products and recruitment and less on company performance.

    Trying to figure out 1) is GWT a successful Luxury Brand and or/ 2) is GWT a successful MLM. I would assume that anyone interested in joining would want a yes answer to at least one of those.

    How big of a player are you in the market? What’s GWT’s annual revenue (market share) versus the trillion dollar luxury brand, just Louis Vutton, and even the MLM industry?
    Are you growing because the product is selling or because you are recruiting more people? Luxury consultant revenue from Initial package fee, monthly payments, and annual payments or actual 3rd party sales.

    What is the annual revenue $/luxury consultant over a 3 year period. What % of that is from LC startup, monthly and annual fees. Is that % going up or going down.

    In the end, is the product selling or am I endlessly recruiting people for product that nobody wants.

  34. Queen J says:

    My biggest issue was the IA point system. This was NOT made fully clear during their attempt to get me to sign up. On top of your fee to join and get your design mall you MUST pay a monthly IA fee to protect your accumulated Group Sales Volume, and most importantly enable you to meet the requirements for weekly bonuses and commissions. Worse than that is that if you buy in to GWT at a higher level this monthly IA payment is not an option. You have to pay in regardless if you are making money and selling products. This is how they make their money. They in turn give you IA points at a $1.25 per $1 you pay in. The min amount to pay is 23.00 ish a month but over $150 if you are a diamond member. The IA points can then be used to get their poorly made products. The worst part is they PUSH you to bring on more members more then they push the products. They don’t care what you sell only about how many people you get to join.

  35. Hoss says:

    Hi everyone, thank you for all the great info and feedback.
    I want to know if anyone knows how this will add up!
    If I sign up with diamond package With $3100 and will get $6000 credit to spend right away, also will get 50% discount on all products, hope you are following me sofar :
    This means with $3100 I can purchase $12000 jewelry and pawn it for half price at least and get $6000!!!
    That means almost double your money instantly!!!!!! Lmao !!
    Appreciate any educated comment .

    • Laydee T says:

      I see a lot of people on here trying to convince people why it ISN’T good instead of investigating proven facts which clearly show why it IS.

      I am a brand new LC with GWT and everything is explained to you in clear so any misconceptions or misunderstandings are clearly by fault of the individual. We provide a platform for the right business minds to help then succeed and excel in life and give them the opportunity to build their own business using our simple system. Any REAL business requires investment in yourself and your business. One thing a lot of these naysayers need to take into consideration is the fact that closed minds won’t open new doors and that past experiences with other companies are only setting themselves up for failure. Good things take time and hard work of course, but while these people are giving uninformed uneducated opinions based on their own interpretations and failed attempts to bring a good company down, GWT are only continuing to grow.

  36. Glowcolor says:

    Hoss – don’t believe it. There are so many pitfalls with this company – I know because I was with them for 3 years. Many promises, but just like any other MLM the leaders make money and the rest of just pay. I worked extremely hard at this with no positive results. The appraiser for my diamond ring was asked not to give $ appraisal – Why? Obviously the appraisal was much lower than what I paid.

  37. Miriam C says:

    doing my diligence today this is what I found: shows top 200 earners none so far are GWT. Simon you are #28 and looking at the rest of the list so are a few more in ACN. Also went to check ACN website shows upfront exactly what the business model is about and Simon pic shown with rank in his achievement. Don’t know much of ACN but I would think with several people on the top earning list would make me decide what company is real or not. Yes any company you have to work hard. But you gottta find the right niche and doing your diligence is important. Not all MLM is a scam but with so many options and many with a small fee to start with… why not stick to what is easier for your pocket and makes sense to sell.

  38. Irma says:

    Overpriced jewelry. crap website. But fcking amazing pieces endorsed by celebs. Like any mlm, lots of hype from the team, but their products are quite beautiful. They should reduce their prices. I am a gwt consultant, too.

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