Today’s Editorial: A word of welcome

POSTED: 03/10/11 12:15 PM

A new Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor begins to work today and we have no qualms of telling him: Proceed with caution. Our warning is not because we’re going on the offensive, but simply because the person in this role will touch people’s lives on a daily basis, either for good or for ill. Our hope is that it will always be for good.
Interesting enough the former President of the Windward Islands Chamber of Labor Unions Antonio Brown had expressed hope that the next minister in this post would be somebody with a labor background. He didn’t get his wish all the way, but may yet get his wish part of the way as the new Minister is a doctor. Just the nature of that job tells you that the individual should thorough, able to function late into the night and to negotiate the very tight areas of “unhealthy situations.”
What we hope is that the new minister will be very diplomatic and able to look at things from a variety of angles. We also believe his greatest asset will be a heart that is compassionate and open to the plight of others. The fine line however is that not every sob story can be helped to the full extent of what they want or believe they deserve.
Welcome Dr. De Weever, it’s a mine field out here.

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