Today’s Editorial: The collective psyche of our nation

POSTED: 03/9/11 11:50 AM

Tuesday’s tripartite agreement to allow employees of Simpson Bay Resort and Marina to return to work is cause for celebration and proves that the resolution to the matter truly lay in dialogue and not in the courts. In the end willingness for parties to find each other in discussion is what yielded a solution and frankly reminds us of something Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams has spoken of across the length and breadth of her political career – the collective psyche of the people of St. Maarten.
As an Island Territory many things happened that outsiders could not understand how St. Maarten moved from crisis to crisis and rebounded. One clear example is that three months after Hurricane Luis battered the island almost to oblivion, we were rebounding. While what happened at the former Pelican Resort was not an act of God, it threw the island into a tail spin. Our reaction though is to be applauded as government and private sector pulled together to ensure that the storm would be weathered to the benefit of the nation’s people and its visitors.
It has undoubtedly been a hard 43 days for the employees since they were told on January 25 not to come back to work. Now they have a chance to do just that. We hope all parties will keep the spirit of St. Maarten alive and make it work.

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