Execution on G. Alexis Arnell Road

POSTED: 03/6/11 9:30 PM

St. Maarten - An unidentified man was found murdered on the G. Alexis Arnell Road Friday morning. The killers forced the victim on his knees before they shot him in the head. The execution-style killing takes crime in St. Maarten to a scary level.

Police received a phone call about the dead man shortly after nine o’clock yesterday morning. The forensics and the detective department secured the crime scene. The entrance to the G. Alexis Arnell Road near May’s superstore was closed for traffic.

Police spokesman Ricardo Henson said that investigators were busy collecting evidence as well as information about the victim. “We do not know where he came from, or who he is.”

Later in the afternoon the police department sent a request to newspaper not to publish crime scene pictures. “The crime scene has information which is very vital to the investigation,” Henson wrote.

This newspaper decided after ample consideration to ignore this request. For an explanation, see our editorial.

The victim seems to be between 30 and 40 years of age. He was wearing blue jeans with a brown leather belt, black shoes, and a short sleeved green-black and white shirt with a red stripe on the sleeves.

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