MOU remains unsigned as SBROC heads to court with timeshare owners

POSTED: 03/3/11 12:38 PM

St. Maarten – Parties to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will lead to a reopening of Simpson Bay Resort and Marina and the Villas at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina have not yet reached an agreement. Amendments to the final draft were submitted to the special mediators appointed by the prime minister by the Worker’s Institute for Organised Labor (Wifol) on Monday. Parties have gone into waiting since then.

The attorney for Simpson Bay Resort Owner Company and Royal Resorts Jairo Bloem said Wednesday he’s waiting to hear from the special mediators – Head of the Labor Department Rafael Boasman and the prime minister’s legal advisor Hensley Plantijn. The matter of the reopening is important for Bloem as he prepares to go to court on March 11 at 3:00 p.m. with Curacao based attorney Gerrit Van Giffen who represents the Advocacy Foundation Pelican Resort Club. Van Giffen’s client, who is acting on a mandate given by the Tenants Association of Pelican Resort Club, has filed summary proceedings in order to force SBROC to reopen the resort.

“I hope the eventual verdict in this case is based on the law and the facts. And I tell you the fact is that reopening right now and with penalties could mean the new owner will have to drastically raise fees to cover cost and that is not something we want because by our projections that would cause us to lose up to 4, 000 of the current 12, 000 members with the ensuing catastrophic effects for the resort and the island in general,” Bloem said.

In a show of positivity he added, “I do believe that it will come to a solution.”


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  1. Brian in Canada says:

    If “verdicts were based soley on law and facts” there would never have been an auction of the Pelican in the first place.
    Again with the Corso/Sutton scare tactics of drastically raising fees and losing 4000 timeshare owners!
    If the St Maaten legal system would reverse the original court decision and turn the resort back over to the timeshare owners, remove Corso and Sutton from any position of authority, then I believe the timeshare owners will ante up and keep the resort going. ( As welll as keep our valued Pelican workers)

  2. Roy Martin says:

    Mr. Bloem should try to get his “facts” correct.
    The Pelican Resort had less than 10,000 owners after more than a decade of mismanagement by the Royal Resort prior to the auction and closure of the resort.
    It is anyone guess how many more will “walk away” after the latest episode in the saga.

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