Laugh till Belly Bust to bring comic relief

POSTED: 02/25/11 12:33 PM

St Maarten - If comedy on St Maarten should be measured, one has to take into consideration the people that are supporting these ventures and now that Nagico Insurances has joined the Windward Island Bank, the St Maarten Tourist Office and St Maarten Cable TV on board, the sixth edition will be a hit.

Representatives of those sponsors had the distinct opportunity to get up close and personal with the men that were born to make people laugh during a press conference which was held on the premises of the Port De Plaisance yesterday.

Coming all the way from Canada is Trixx. He will team up with IT & Fancy Cat, Fat Man George, Blacka, our own Fernando Clark and King Beau Beau. Tonight, the huge white tent on the grounds of the Port De Plaisance will serve as the ideal back drop for the first show and on Saturday’s venue is the Community Center in Sandy Ground.

Each of these comedians have distinct personalities and are from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but they all go about making funny jokes of high ranking government officials, judges, entertainers, police and even members of the clergy.

“Comic relief is the ideal antidote for common problems. Laughter is good for our souls,” Trixx noted.

Coming from a country where diversity is the order of the day, it’s almost a walk in the park for Trixx to get his comical act together.

“We are not only in the business for the money,” Fat Man George said. He was responding to a question posed by a reporter about the current state of the world economy.

“Anybody that comes to the shows with problems will leave without them,” Clark said.

“Its going to be a great show, its laugh and more laugh and dance, it’s going to come natural,” Blacka said.

While all of the comedians aim to bring the house down in their own way the show is rated PG. Adults who don’t want their kids to hear certain things should leave them at home. People should also make frequent trips to the wash room before the show starts so they don’t miss anything. To add some melody to the night’s proceedings, King Beau Beau will be dishing out some comical melody of his own.


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