Today’s Editorial: Parallel Tracks

POSTED: 02/23/11 11:57 AM

As the nation continues to wait to see what has now become the Pelican saga resolved, we at the Today Newspaper have become reflective. In our backward glance we have come to a conclusion that what is happening with the resort is parallel to St. Maarten’s own quest to be free of the Netherlands Antilles.

Many may not agree with this perspective but we dare to put it out there anyway and to cite several examples. St. Maarten wished to be free of the crushing debt of the Antilles. People and companies involved in Pelican also wanted to be free of a debt. St. Maarten felt it’s voice got lost in the mill of the Antilles and Royal Resorts states they could not get their advice heard about the loud disapproval of the 12, 000 former owners. St. Maarten made a choice to change things and Royal Resorts has accepted to also be part of a change initiated by the people who hold the purse strings. To even blend a bit of politics there’s even an argument about whether the best people will be running the resort, seeing as they “led it to the ruinous state it’s in.” That’s akin to what some people say about the current government. Yet others argue they’re picking up the pieces.

It is clear that the future of the resort and the future of the country are tied together. That leaves one to wonder, if we accepted that the island needed to grow and change and yes remove some people to truly reach its potential, why can’t we accept that this change must also occur at Pelican? That question is the station house for the parallel tracks for the trains that led to the joint future of our country and the resort.

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