Specialist says adopt treaties as first step

POSTED: 02/14/11 5:36 PM

St. Maarten – A call has been made for St. Maarten to adopt the Malta Convention, the Convention for the safeguarding of intangible heritage and Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. These three international agreements are seen as key to protecting the country’s heritage and can serve as guiding principles for the initiative to create a national policy on archaeology and anthropology.
The urging to adopt the three key framework documents was presented by Sanny Ensing, who is collaborating on a project to create a cultural and historical map of the island. Representatives from the island government, NAAM and the Bureau of Monuments and Archaeology in Amsterdam are the people working out the detailed map. Parts of the study were unveiled Saturday evening at a presentation attended by Culture Minister Rhoda Arrindell.
“In order for archaeological and anthropological infrastructure to work and to ensure proper preservation of the country heritage, laws rules and regulations need to be made for the process to begin,” Ensing said.
Should the Malta Convention be ratified then the island will have to make archaeological conservation part of the planning when it is creating new developments. As an example an area where a discovery is made will have to be properly researched with proper documentation of the artifacts and remains as well as reports on the anthropological interpretation.

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