Shigemoto to make corrections, commission audit

POSTED: 01/31/11 11:52 AM

St. Maarten – Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto has pledged he’ll have the Department of Salaries and Wages make corrections to the salaries of police officers as soon as he receives the indexed scales from the Justice Department. The scales, which are different from the rest of the civil service, were not presented with the payroll so errors were made.
The Minister believes there were several errors with the payroll as this was the first month that the entire civil service was being paid by the government of St. Maarten. Staffers, like the police, had their payroll administered by a company up until December 31. Shigemoto has thus called for any and all civil servants who notice errors in their salaries to note these down and submit the issues to Cassandra Wilson at the Finance Department. In a wider effort Shigemoto has decided to commission an operational audit to see where the issues are and to make sure they do not reoccur.
“The transition from island to country is posing some challenges, but we will overcome them and continue to move forward together as a country,” Shigemoto said.

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Shigemoto to make corrections, commission audit by

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