St. Maarten to contest UTS share allocation

POSTED: 01/27/11 2:35 PM

St. Maarten – St. Maarten’s shareholder representative for United Telecommunications Services (UTS) Minister Roland Duncan says the government of St. Maarten is contesting its allocation of 13 percent of the shares of the company. The government wants a full audit of the company’s assets in order to come what they believe is the true and higher allocation.
The Minister said he was named because the shareholder representative from St. Maarten because the cabinet did not want Minister of Telecommunications Franklin Meyers to mix his task as policy maker and regulator with the function of representing a particular company.
“We have done this to avoid any conflict of interest, so that’s why the division. There’s nothing fishy or funny,” Duncan said.
Duncan also informed the government of Curacao, represented by Minister Charles Cooper, on Wednesday that the government of St. Maarten has no issue with Glen Carty’s appointment as a statutory director at the company’s head office in Curacao.

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