St. Maarten School Bus raid nets dangerous items

POSTED: 12/9/10 11:49 PM

St. Maarten – Afro picks, retractable blades, combs, lighters and smoking paraphernalia were among the items confiscated by police in Wednesday morning’s impromptu search of school buses.
Wednesday’s search comes days after a similar exercise and left officers “a bit disappointed” that students are still taking weapons to school and that they had to tale three students to the police station. Their spirits are “buoyed” by the fact that the number of items they’re finding is decreasing.
St. Maarten Police Spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson said the search on Wednesday is one of several that will take place through to the end of the year. Efforts at the schools will run simultaneous to efforts to repress crime by adults.
“We have a program set for the last days in the year and it includes the students riding the school busses on a daily basis. We also have a responsibility to ensure that students don’t include items in their school bags and pockets that can cause harm to themselves and others. With these sudden exercises, we can intercept them and minimize injuries,” he said.
The Police spokesman admits that doing controls at schools put a dent in the number of officers available to repress adult crime, but he’s stressed that the safety of the students in their learning environment is extremely important.
“We will make sure that the students are safe,” Henson said.

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