Boy gets four months for two burglaries

POSTED: 11/25/10 11:35 PM

St. Maarten – Aldo Roberto Santana Rivera, 18, has already been sent back to his native Dominican Republic, but that did not stop the Court in First Instance from sentencing him to 4 months imprisonment for two burglaries he committed on July 30 and on October 2.
An attempt by defense attorney Mr. G. Hatzmann to have the prosecution declared inadmissible because he considered his client’s arrest for the first burglary unlawful, failed.
Hatzmann said that police had arrested the boy at a hair dresser in Dutch Quarter shortly after the victim reported the burglary at a moment when there was no reasonable suspicion against him. It appeared however that the victim had given a description of the fleeing burglar and his co-perpetrator to a friend who then had told the police he had seen them at the hairdressers.
During the first burglary at a home in Middle Region Santana Rivera and Jaun R.E., who has not been arrested yet, stole earrings, necklaces, rings and a pendant. The loot of the second burglary was a paltry $55.
Prosecutor Mr. R. Mud said that a report from the Council of Guardianship showed that the behavior of Santana Rivera was out of control, He had problems with the language, and with school.
He demanded a 4-month prison sentence for both burglaries.
Mr. Hatzmann pointed out that no stolen goods were found on his client, even though he had been arrested shortly after the first burglary in July. “He has been in the house, but this is an attempted burglary, and he has not been charged with that. Therefore I ask the court to acquit my client of this charge.”
Judge Mr. M. Keppels did not follow the defense. She considered both charges proven and sentenced the boy to 4 months imprisonment.

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