Richardson: Call an election now

POSTED: 11/24/10 10:33 PM

Marigot, St. Martin – Leader of the Opposition Party in the Territorial Council Alain Richardson has called for fresh elections in St. Martin. He believes that President of the Collectivity Frantz Gumbs and his faction should resign. He also opined that the election is the “the only solution to the numerous problems that the Collectivity face.”
“Today the Collectivity suffers from a lack of confidence by the population and the recent developments have raised serious questions about the legitimacy of the government since they have tarnished the creditability of our Collectivity,” Richardson said.
This recent upheaval has somewhat to do with former first Vice President Daniel Gibbs’ recent resignation from the Union for Progress (UPP) which holds the majority in the Territorial Council. He took the action after Gumbs redistributed his portfolios just about a week ago. That action was followed by several others being stripped of their posts as well as is allowed by the organic laws governing St. Martin’s executive branch of government.
Gumbs said he can’t be blamed because he offered Gibbs the tourism post and he refused.
“When we look at all that is at stake we face the financial predicament and bankruptcy of the Collectivity. There is need to challenge the State of France especially on the failure to provide revenues for St. Martin. There is need to go beyond politics and go towards new elections since there is a huge amount of unemployment among the population and especially among the youth,” Richardson said
He added, “Whoever is chosen to govern the country following these new elections must have the creditability and the clout needed to champion all the issues.”

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